Thursday, 29 October 2015

Our terribly truthful child

Are we the most fortunate parents in the world? Our eldest son is 7 years old and he has never told me a lie. Never.

This doesn't mean he has never done anything wrong. Anthony will freely admit when he has been naughty and understands about the 'naughty step'.  He will offer up his guilt upon the first request of 'what happened here' and will even explain if he did it on purpose or if the event was actually an accident. Anthony has been diagnosed with ASD since he was 4 years old. He has always been literal and taken what he is told and sees as fact, which has proved difficult at times such as interpreting what is real and what is fiction on the television for example.   

Initially we thought he may have difficulty with thinking forward to the consequences of him being truthful and so saw no point in deceit. But there was a short while when Anthony would claim he didn't want to tell me something because he thought I'd be disappointed in him so I know he can think ahead.  At the time I assured him that no matter what he thought, I always wanted him to tell me the truth and he seems to have stuck to this.

But it's not all cheery cheery.  Anthony has wonderfully mocked some of my cooking as 'not being as good as normal', regularly declares I'm not being very nice to him when I'm helping other siblings instead and has mentioned to several relatives that they will mostly likely die before he does.

Today is the first day of the half term holidays that the whole family will be able to do something together.  Anthony has been very excited about his father not going to work.  However, yesterday he also confirmed that the main reason for this is not because he will get to spend time with his dad.  Instead, Anthony is looking forward to spending time with his dad's phone.  The Marvel Champions game has not been downloaded onto any of our other devices because they are on different accounts so Anthony can only play it when his dad, and therefore his dad's phone is at home. 

I sigh and then smile. Lucky Anthony.  A short while ago he also confided that he totally loved his dad and that his dad was his best friend.  And that was a wonderful truth to hear. He'll get to spend a few days now playing The Marvel Champions game sitting next to his best mate.  And of course, I'm the most fortunate mother in the world.

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  1. This is my 8 year old down to the phone. Lol

  2. I remember the day my son told his first lie! I called all my friends and family and shared as if it was all As on a report card! It was a beautiful thing.

  3. A couple of weeks ago my boy (10) said his first lie and I was so happy.
    Was I wrong? I think not lol

    1. It's times like that when I have to try not to show I'm happy and smiling inside. After all, I'm supposed to be upset!

  4. My 5 year old has never lied either. Sometimes we don't get a complete truth out of him or only pieces of a story. But once I find the right question, he freely admits what he did wrong. Today he truthfully told us he washed the Wii U Remote because it wasn't working. (I think it was just a frozen screen). It's really not working now :(

    1. We go through a lot of broken technology in our house!


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