"Rainbows are too beautiful," said Anthony. "I just can't look at them."  This summarises so much about our lives.  I'm Ann and on this blog I share how our autistic and neurotypical family interacts and interprets the world in our own wonderful way. 

Our background
I started my career in PR and marketing then turned my hand to teaching my profession shortly after having our first child.  Since then I've morphed into a full time mum and part time college teacher and writer at Rainbows are too beautiful. Here I note positive thoughts, ideas and experiences of life with my autistic and neurotypical kids and our greater family.  Our children also have diagnoses of ADHD, hypermobility, SPD, dyspraxia, anxiety and sleep issues.

I live in London / South East England with my hubby and kids Anthony (9), David (6) and Jane (4). We also have family in Scotland and the USA.

Our posts
I hope my posts raise awareness, promote understanding, discuss important issues and possibly most importantly offer support to those who visit.  I've tried to divide the posts into helpful headings, but please use the search box if you are looking for something in particular.

My writing and speaking
I'm a contributor on The Huffington Post UK and The Mighty. I've provided guest posts for newspapers such as the Yorkshire Post and several online publications including Special Needs Jungle. I share many posts through linkies as a way of increasing awareness.

If you'd like to know more about us, Rainbows are too beautiful or want to get in touch about reviews or our stats, then feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.
What is Autism?
It's so much I couldn't possibly try and explain. For us it's wonderful and heart-breaking. Joyous and truthful. But as far as diagnosis is concerned, why not have a look at the National Autistic Society for their definition of Autism.
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