Tuesday 27 June 2017

Whose birthday is it today?

Whose birthday is it today? Car birthday cake

"Whose birthday is it today?"

That was the first question I was asked by Anthony this morning.  I racked my brain and wondered if I'd forgotten something.  Then he said, "You'll never guess."  Usually Anthony is right about this kind of thing.
"Ummm.. can I get a clue?" I asked.

"He's 32."

I still have no idea.

"I'm so excited.  It's Nico Rosberg's birthday today."


If that means nothing to you then don't worry.  If you have a son who is into everything Formula 1 and is himself a motorsports participant then chances are you will know that Nico Rosberg was the Formula 1 World Champion in 2016.  And if you were my son then you would also reel off that this was with 385 points, and at the end of a career lasting 10 years since the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2006 that included 57 podiums and 23 wins.

"He was born in 1985, he's 32 today and he's," (pause and looks at his fingers)
"4 years younger than Dad... but oh oh... only until the 3rd July because then it's Dad's birthday and then Dad will be 38.  That also means Dad shares his birthday with Sebastien Vettel - it's his 30th birthday this year. "

"Next though it will be Daniel Ricciardo's birthday in four days."

"He'll be 28  - you are 10 years older than him mum."

"Thanks Anthony. Shall we concentrate on getting dressed for school now?"

Sometimes Anthony can't remember where his shoes are, his clothes, his things for school.  This is nothing unusual in our ASD and ADHD household. Anthony struggles with a lot of things, but can be very surprising.  Dates, birthdays and numbers don't necessarily come easily but seem to be absorbed and emerge differently. They somehow flow easier than.. where did he put his shoes?

And his ability to be all consumed by a topic whether that be Formula 1, karting or Power Rangers is truly fascinating.  Maybe that's why he's enjoying his IKR karting Championship so much or maybe it's because it's as if his body was just meant to be travelling faster.

So Happy Birthday Nico (may I call you that?).  And Daniel for four days time.... and Lewis, I've been told to put yours in the calendar for the 7th January when I've been told you will be 33?  I wondering if we are going to be having to order birthday party stuff too....

UPDATE: 1st July - Anthony sang "Happy Birthday" to Daniel as he went to sleep

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  1. I love this post. I hadn't heard of Nico Rosberg until I went onto a site to see who shares a birthday with me (yes, it's my birthday today too). It said he was 31, but I thought the site meant he'd turn 31 today, which'd mean he's exactly as old as I am. I didn't botehr googling him to find out who he was though, so thanks for the heads-up. Dates fascinate me too (I'm also autistic) and I can totally see how they come to mind much eaiser than where i left my shoes. I didn't know this was unusual until I met my neurotypical husband, who can't usually remember whether June has 30 or 31 days.

  2. Wow that is amazing...and fascinating...who needs Wikipedia when you have such great knowledge in-house? Thanks for linking this up to #coolmumclub x

  3. Loved this post Anne as again inrecognise so much of my big lad in this. He used to love formula 1 and still enjoys watching. His latest obsession is Pokémon and reels off all the facts. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

  4. I didn't know this was unusual until I met my neurotypical husband,
    gclub online

  5. This seems to be a very common thing wth children on the spectrum!
    It always amazes me!

  6. Aww, I love finding out about other autistic people's special interests! It's so sweet he sang 'Happy Birthday' when going to sleep, too.

    I just love this post.


  7. I've just linked up with #SpectrumSunday delighted to see this fab post here too, as I linked this to my recent post titled 'Special Interests,' I just love to hear about the various special interests that children and adults have. :)


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