Thursday 6 April 2017

My son's Transport of the Future

Anthony with his arms out like an aircraft

Anthony has long had a special interest in vehicles.  I remember the year he started school he got both a giant digger and replica model cars for his Christmas.  His younger brother David got more additions to his wooden train set that year too. Lately it's developed into a greater interest specifically into cars.

He knows he'll need to be at least 17 before he can drive a car on the road, he knows the national speed limits on different types of roads.  And this is nothing particularly unusual for a kid with autism.  Anthony finds facts interesting and comforting.

He's recently even more focused on racing.  Along with his own activities in karting, he's extremely abreast of the latest changes in the new Formula 1 season that started just a few weeks ago. Each year we go through the changes to the rules and what is means for the cars and the drivers as he looks to see what will happen throughout the rest of the season. If you are interested in what happened in any race in the previous three seasons, feel free to ask us, and we will ask Anthony.  He's bound to know.

He can also tell you how fast a things travel, the fastest car, rocket.. even a bullet!  And every time he finds out something that can go faster, or higher he's amazed.

So when I told him that someone is already working on the Tesla Hyperloop, and trains that could go 720mph, crossing the whole of the USA where his cousin lives, in a few hours, his mind almost explodes with excitement.

And rightly so. The guys over at Aceparts put together The Future of Transport from around the World illustration. And he found it fascinating.  Did I mention that along with cars, we also like movies? His most recent favourites include The Martian and anything Star Wars. But a good deal of what he watches is on the list for realisation in the not so distant future.
Of course while my son is engaged by the exciting potential in the future, I am too, but in a different way.  Yes, the mum in me sees the congestion's stopping ideas like elevated buses that means a car can drive under them so I won't have the wait at every bus stop along with the bus on the school run. And the environmentalist is interested in the airplane that runs on the oxygen in the atmosphere!  But I've also got other hopes for our future.

While Anthony's interest in cars and technology may lead to some future career for him, both Anthony and his brother David are autistic and are going to need support and acceptance to be able to access this. This time ahead should be one where my boys differences are valued as part of their unique selves. I'm looking for a future that we can all aspire to; full of understanding, embracement and opportunities for all. That will be truly wonderful

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  1. That's so interesting that he knows so many facts about speeds and cars, the advances in technology is fascinating x

  2. He sure seems to know his stuff, I am totally clueless about anything like this myself x

  3. So interesting knowing lots of facts about such an important area for the future! The advances in technology are incredible and almost unpredictable at times.

    Helen x

  4. My son has an almost photographic memory, he knows all the train numbers! He has a lot of social awkwardness and I hope he finds a career in computer programming so he can hide with the machines :)

  5. Amazing to think a train ride 's being developed to cross America in less than an hour. I'd love to see that happen commercially in my lifetime.

  6. My son is interested in anything that moves too. He loves cars a lot.

  7. My son is so loopy about cars. I'll have to tell my little boy American train, we've been talking about the Japanese Bullet trains. Seriously amazing stuff!

  8. This is really cool! I think I'd love a jetpack myself! Haha

  9. I would like a future that accepts us all regardless of how different we all are too. It was fascinating to learn a little more about transport x

  10. Not a bad subject to be enthusiastic about. Here's hoping for a great future too x

  11. its so lovely to see him being so passionate and excited about something. It isnt a bad career to be involved in either!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back on Tuesday!

  12. This is fascinating. Great that he has such a fantastic interest! Thanks so much for linking up to #TriumphantTales - hope to see you again on Tuesday!

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