Monday 20 June 2016

The things I hear during an England game

Some people scream at the TV, some people clap and cheer.  But my son says some strange things when he's watching England play.  It's nothing to worry about, in fact it's a good thing. Read more here.


  1. It's interesting to find out these terms as my brother had severe autism and did alot of the above but I never really know why or what for! Thanks for linking to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

    1. I just get basics at from his therapists, most of the learning just comes from being a mummy, it's way more accessible now. Thanks for commenting.

  2. What a lovely way for your son and his dad to connect. When Edward was little he would sometimes bounce vigourously on the sofa and then run around the living room in small fast circles if he got particularly excited about something happening on the TV. It was often comical to watch him watching TV. Edward has never really echoed what other people say but he has had a form of echolalia where he echoes what he has just said, at a slightly quieter volume under his breath. He still does this occasionally now. #SpectrumSunday

  3. I've heard of that echoing before. I think it's called Palilalia (where you repeat your own words, often whispered). I guess I'll write another post!

    Yes, it's nice they get to do some things together, although last night was mostly just frustrating for the hubby, not sure Anthony's excitement was that well received :-/

    Thanks for commenting.

  4. So intriguing, I'd never heard to this before, and ditto lovely is they are enjoying the madness that is football together ! #MarvMondays

  5. My son would always, and still often does, repeat a question rather than answer it. But my daughter is very good at scripting. sometimes it takes me a while to catch on as I think she's trying to tell me something when in fact she's just scripting the latest video she's watched or game she's played.

  6. Sounds like a very interesting game Ann :) I do love that he is sharing his joy in such an excitable way. I'm sure James wishes Hayden would sit and watch a football game with him, especially with that enthusiasm. I am interested to see how Hayden's communicating skills progress over time and whether he will ever script in this way. Thanks so much for linking up to #spectrumsunday. We are back at 5pm today. I really hope you join us xx


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