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MummaGames: Apex Legends - how to play alongside the new Revenant legend

Playing Season 4 Apex Legends alongside Revenant

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Season 4 of Apex Legends is now well underway. It brought many changes to weapons, some legends and a brand new legend called Revenant.  If you've not played it before and want to know what it's about check out my beginners post.

Some gamers leap straight in and can’t wait to try out the new character and weapons in their loadout, others, like my autistic kids, take time to adjust to the changes. My son always worries about what others will think of his play and now there’s a new legend to play with, he’d want to know how to do well with them. So after a few weeks what tips can I give to playing along side a new Revenant team mate?

The basics of Revenant

The story behind the Revenant legend is that he used to be a human assassin that was turned into a robot / machine. I guess a but like a Terminator for those who remember the movies. But he doesn’t appear to be one of those 'sniper rifle from a roof' kind of assassins. Like all legends he has abilities and all of them highlight his best use is in close up battles.

His stealth crouch and high climb is great for flanking or ambush, his tactical silence grenade shuts down enemy abilities for 30 seconds and his ultimate gives a short period where his teammates can’t die. This all leads to quick, short, close up assaults.

Your loadout and style

So if you want to maximise playing with a Revenant teammate adjust your play to fit with his abilities like you do any other legend. Go for powerful short range weapons like a R-99, Peacekeeper or EVA-8, and shout out for the hop-ups and extended mag (one of the changes this season is that you can finally ask for a double-tap hop-up for the EVA-8 or G7) which makes it easier for your team to ping it for you. Versatile mid-range weapons work well too, feel free to blast someone with a Flatline.

Stock up on grenades, arc stars etc too. When Revenant throws his tactical silence grenade and yells “shut it down” lob your own in there to maximise its effect on your enemies that can’t use their abilities. Then get in there quick - Wraiths and Mirages can panic when they suddenly can’t disappear so down them pronto.

When your team launches an attack or ambush, ping to let them know where you are going. You can come round a wall while Revenant sneaks right over the top - unlike Pathfinder, they might not hear him coming.

Finally use his ultimate when it’s dropped. Unlike most other ultimates, teammates have to activity engage with Revenant’s ultimate ability. His death totem ultimate looks like a giant smoking diamond or eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings. When you interact with it (by pressing square on PS4, you’ll be prompted as you approach it) your character’s appearance will become that of volcanic rock signalling that you have invincibility.

As you are damaged by enemies, your shields will no longer protect you (but won’t be effected either) and once your health is depleted instead of being downed, you are transported back to the death totem with your shields intact but just one health. This gives you the opportunity to heal and get back into the fight - or run away if it turns out not to be the best option then too.

The death totem ultimate has limited range - you’ll notice your volcanic outer will fall off if you go too far. But mostly you’ll want to use it so you and your can stay together. You don’t want to be downed in the battle while the rest of your team have disappeared back to the death totem. His totem can also be destroyed like Watson’s fences etc, so watch out for it just suddenly wearing off.

Using your legends abilities to support a Revenant team mate

While some legends are obviously support characters you can still think about how your legend can support Revenant’s abilities and play type, ambushes, close battles and his ultimate death totem. Here’s some ideas.

Maximise his passive ability - Launch an attack onto a roof using Octane’s launchpad from one side of a building while Revenant sneaks up behind them from the other side.

Wraith’s portal can be used for an ambush while silent Revenant sneaks up from another direction. Use PathFinder’s tactical or ultimate for the same effect too. Each time use the noisy ability for the frontal attack while the silent one flanks or comes from behind.

Mirage can join in a surprise attack by using his ultimate or distracting teams with his tactical to make them think his squad are running away.

As a Bloodhound be careful using your tactical ability - it may give away that an attach is coming, but get on it after you've all been spotted.

Maximise his tactical ability - If a squad is out in the open it can make Revenant's tactical ability less effective. Help group teams together or weaken them by using your ultimates as Bangalore, Gibraltar, Crypto or Caustic.  Teams may flock inside to escape the bombardment, done or gas, making them a great target for Revenant's silence ability.  Octane can use his tactical stim so he gets into the fight quick while abilities are down too.

Wattson can pop up a pylon nearby, prolonging the time the oncoming team can't effectively use their abilities, or her fences can keep them trapped inside a building or force them to receive damage.  Bloodhound can use his tactical or ultimate to get everyone downed while they can't use their abilities to protect them or escape.

Maximise his ultimate ability - Use your legends strengths to help hide or protect the Death Totem and your returning squad. Pathfinder can get the squad to a high point or hidden place using his zipline. Great for hiding the totem and providing a means of escape after you've returned to it.  Wraith can provide a similar support using her portal too.  Crypto can drop his drone nearby so you know if any enemies are nearby to the totem on your return and can use these to escape to heal.

Wattson can set up fences to protect the totem, just make sure they are also hidden or you might attract people to it's position.  Caustic's tactical gas traps are really useful for this and more discrete.  Whereaas Bangalore can pop plenty of smoke to conceal the location both before and after the assault,  Gibralter can use his dome to protect team members on return but remember it highlights their position too when they might be vulnerable. Octane can drop his ultimate near the totem so team mates can easily escape on return and heal up away from the battle.

Lifeline can help in another way. Firstly an ultimate package drop can help by providing your team with top notch shields before an assault, it can also draw an enemy team towards you for that close conflict Revenant is designed for.  You can also drop your tactical health drone before leaving the totem (so it heals anyone who returns very quickly) and / or drop it again on your return. Remember, it lasts 20 seconds and then takes one minute to recharge, so pick which works best for your team.

Finally, Revenant's ultimate it limited by time and distance along the ground - but not height. Wraith can maximise it's use by dropping a portal in a tall building giving extra distance between the totem and the enemy when returning to the totem.

These are a few ideas so hopefully you can figure out how your main can work well with the new legend on your team.    As an aside I think he's got a hilariously rude manor that makes him fun to play along side.  There's nothing quiet like getting told you're barely worth reviving but I think he's dead funny, and kinda reminds me of my kids with his tall lumbering jog.  If you have any more tips for our troop of players (or need to correct any of my suggestions) I'd love to hear about them below.  Or let me know if you like playing alongside this new legend?

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