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Mumma Games: ApexLegends, the basics vs Fortnite

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If you’re a gamer and not heard of Fortnite, then you’re not a gamer. Fortnite is one of the largest games played in the world. My son and I both play. It’s a battle Royale Game that is player versus player. 100 gamers are  dropped onto an island and the last one surviving wins.  Like Hunger Games gone mad. But you already know this right?

A while ago, another Battle Royale game called Apex Legends grabbed  my attention. As the next Season launches, more gamers are likely to try it. So, compared to Fortnite what are the key differences between the two games that Mummas want to know?

Overall, Apex Legends is a little bit more grown-up looking. It's first person so the action is all a bit closer, and that's why it's a PEGI 16 in Europe.  If you or your kid is younger, Fortnite is PEGI 13 and probably more appropriate. But it still has battle passes, it still has the same idea of dropping onto an island and being the last ones left. There is respawning and reviving too.  Fortnight has a storm, Apex Legends has a Ring, but that's basically the same thing. So the differences?

Apex Legends is definitely a team game

Unlike Fortnite Battle Royale where you can choose various modes to play by yourself (solo), as a duo or a squad,  Apex Legends is a squad of three every time unless you are a little unlucky. It may well be that you don’t decide to drop with your team, but to be honest I found that isn’t usually the case.   Your team even has a jump master to guide you all down. There is very much a squad mentality to win - go alone at your own peril.

Different Legends

And perhaps the squad mentality is because you’ve got different characters, called Legends.  The original basic set comes with seven different Legends, each with their own set of skills that you can use during your game. Each one has three specific skills associated with them that you can use to change the course of a battle or encounter. This has to be one of the biggest differences between Fortnite and Apex Legends and in my opinion it makes a huge difference to the strategy involved for the game.

There's no building in Apex Legends

A key part of Fortnite is building. No cover? Build some!  The winners at the end can often be the best builders, not just those with the best aim. But in Apex Legends you use the cover that exists and the skills of your teammates to turn the battle.  Flanking is key along with holding the high ground, and different Legends can help you do this.

Kitted out Havoc

Weapons don’t have levels

Because anyone knows that a blue pump is better than a green pump on Fortnite, but that’s not the case in Apex Legends. If you want a better weapon then it’s not a case of just stumbling across it - well not completely.  In Apex Legends you make your weapon better or easier to use by getting gear for it. If you want to shoot for longer you need to find an appropriate extended mag. Want to use you sniper weapon, then look for scoped optics.  Fully kitting out your weapons can have a major advantage during a fire fight.

Skins are cosmetic outfits and gear for your Legends

Sure I can have Raven and StarLord in my locker in Fortnite but that’s not how it works on Apex Legends. As there are a number of Legends, you kit them out with gear.  Emotes are game place specific such as phrases during the opening screen.  You won't find a team in Apex Legends doing the Hype on a hillside. When you get upgrades, you get great outfits, banner poses and phrases.

Communication is part of the game

Unless you’ve got a mic (and we usually don’t) then communicating on Fortnite is challenging. For my son this means he can get into some sticky situations because he doesn’t understand what other people are doing or asking for. While I’m able to assume that my wounded teammate wants bandages, Anthony doesn't always make that leap.  But in Apex Legends I can do all that with my controller. I don’t have to speak a thing and my Legend can make requests for gear, point out enemies, tell me where they are looting and so on.  This is yet another extension of the idea that this really is a squad game.

Double respawn

You get a glimpse of your team before starting the game

Unless you are playing with friends in Fortnite, there is little you know about them before landing as a squad. You can sometimes guess experience based on some skins and gear but that's about it.  I saved up my free V-bucks for the battle pass, so I was in a default PS4 Blue Team Leader skin for ages on Fortnite.  I'd find myself abandoned during the game because I was under-valued as a potential newbie.

But before you board your flight in Apex Legends, you get to see a 'banner' of each of your teammates which can include various stats. Some of the stats are Legend specific. So for example, my Bangalore stats show how much damage Bangalore has done but it doesn’t show how many wins I’ve had when I play with the Mirage Legend. 

There are a whole pile of honour badges that show what you’ve achieved in past games. I'm particularly proud of my double respawn - it shows I look out for my teammates. I’ve done it quite a few times using Bangalore's smoke to grab them first.  If there's a less experienced player, generally I'd say they were supported instead of abandoned.

There are obviously other differences to the games but considering they’re both Battle Royale style  these are some of the basics. I love it because it really is about working together.  Most of my wins have been with my full squad alive. If you’ve got any other great differences to point out for my boy please drop in below.


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