Wednesday 27 December 2017

Our captured shots from 2017

Photos including three children watching pengiuns, a boy jumping in red wellington boots, a girl painting in a hallway in the sunlight, a boy on a beach, and centered around a photo of a family walking in the mountains

As 2017 comes to a close, I've looked back through the moments captured on our instagram, picked my favourite photographs and written about what they mean to us. 

1.  The family are more together

In the first half term of the 2017, we had some good days out and some a bit more challenging.   But this one at our local sea life attraction was lovely.  Three kids all had a good day - a great treat when we often find that one of the boys, most likely David, will struggle with something. I think part of the trick is going to places when it's a bit cold or miserable looking - they tend to be quieter.  The kids also measured themselves against penguin statues. Only Anthony was bigger than an Emperor penguin, but everyone was bigger than a Rock Hopper.

2. Anthony has grown

Anthony has matured so much this year.  He has become more aware of the difficulties he has as a lad with autism and ADHD.  He's settled into his meds and although this may have stinted his physical growth - he has grown and embraced the things he enjoys, karting and even bounding about!

3. Jane's become really creative this year.

She makes, builds, paints, draws, decorates, recreates and is highly imaginative. I've delighted in her development this year, with below just one example.  She's now half way through her reception year already.  Growing up quick.

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4. The kids have been more comfortable

Early in the summer the kids and I went to see my folks on the north coast of Scotland.  We manage to get there most years during the summer months while my other half has a very busy time as work - we all get some rest this way.  David and indeed all the kids are relaxed there - it's familiar and safe. With them all relaxed I get some just gorgeous moments.

5. We've achieved new things

At the end of the summer our family went to a chalet in the Alps. There were days when we felt things were difficult but then we achieved some things I never thought might be possible, like taking my kids to walk up a mountain. Just over a year ago I was still having to use a big buggy for then a five year old David, but he's just now capable of walking for a while without needing to be carried.  Plus it really was a beautiful place.

Here's looking forward to 2018.  How was your year?


  1. What lovely photos and lovely memories. Happy New Year! #TheMMLinky

  2. These photos of your children are so special - when they are older you will really treasure them. You would not believe the struggle that I had to even get one of my three together!! The achievement of climbing a mountain with kids is not to be underestimated.....Happy New Year to you and your lovely family #MMLinky

  3. What lovely memories! Thanks so much for sharing them, and linking to #TheMMLinky again x

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