Wednesday 10 May 2017

WonderfulWednesday: @SingingHands hit pop songs DVD

Jane dances in the lights

We have been big fans of Singing Hands for.. well years really. Singing Hands run a range of baby signing classes, toddler signing classes, resources, educational concerts and work in schools, nurseries and more. This week's wonderful Wednesday share is about one of their new fantastic projects that could get you dancing about.

Whether your child is great with communicating or not they help develop a child’s communication potential through music, songs, games & activities and focus on learning language through fun. Traditionally this has been focused on younger children but Singing Hands are looking to help more people communicate and have fun through a hit pop songs DVD.

Did you know that 25% of autistic people are non-verbal? They use other means to communicate, perhaps through an iPad, visuals, computers, or like our son David, through sign language. Makaton is a staple in our home.  Even Jane our four year old chatterbox know some simple signs that means she can communicate with her brother - and that started with Singing Hands.  And the first time David signed, 'love you' will melt your heart.

Founders, Suzanne and Tracey, have recently announced they are 80% of the way towards their 90-Day Pledge Campaign to create a fresh and contemporary album and DVD of popular songs for older children/teenagers and adults who use makaton. This will be a great DVD for lots of children, teenagers and adults to enjoy whether they have learning difficulties or not and I think a fab way of sharing the idea of diversity.  Our perfectly verbal four year old will love it and so will the older kids. So get ready to wriggle your fingers and put on your dance pants.

Please visit their website for more info. And I'd like to wish Singing Hands all the best with their pledge campaign. I can't wait to see the results or what these innovative ladies will come up with next.

Wouldn't it be great if more things and places were signing accessible?

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  1. This sounds wonderful. So good that there are so many amazing tools out there x

  2. I've never heard of Singing Hands. We did try baby signing though when my son was small, but had to stop when the class closed.

  3. You would expect that the recorded popular music getting through the radio would be so unique, however this was not the situation as regardless it fell into a similar old gathering.
    Pop music

  4. A DVD for older children sounds absolutely fantastic, can't wait to see the results, I use sing-song with D at times if she's having a unresponsive moment #SSAmazingAchievements

  5. This sounds amazing! I did some baby and toddler singing and signing classes with both of mine when they were young. I've been a bit lax with my makaton recently without the structure of the class to keep me motivated so it would be fantastic to have a fun DVD aimed at an older audience! And music is definitely key where it comes to engaging EJ! #AccessLinky


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