Thursday 11 May 2017

MadeUpMilestones: On stage with @stephstwogirls

Sasha from Stephs Two Girls

I love it when the middle of the month comes around and I get to share another special step in the lives of another young person and their family.  This month it's one of my dearest blogging buddies, Steph, from Stephs Two Girls, sharing her #madeupmilestone about Sasha, ASD and a band.

1. Who has achieved their #madeupmilestone? Tell us a bit about them...

My daughter Sasha is 9, nearly 10, and she was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder at the young age of 2 and a half. She is just about managing in a mainstream school currently but is beginning to notice her differences. Life has got much easier in some ways since she was a toddler, but is beginning to get much more difficult in others.

2. When and where did the #madeupmilestone happen?

At the very end of last year, a letter came out asking for children who would like to be involved in the Rocksteady band at school. This is a private enterprise coming in to school to help children make music as part of a group. Their main philosophy is to have fun with music. Sasha chose to play the drums in her group. Sessions have taken place weekly during the summer term, and a concert was planned in school for near the end of term.

3. The fab part... what happened?

We turned up at school not sure if Sasha would have the confidence to go on stage, as she had missed two or three of the sessions for a variety of reasons. The concert was not just for parents of band members, but also for all the Junior school children - quite daunting for any child to be up there on that stage!

Sasha's group played Eye of The Tiger and it was clear to see how much Sasha enjoyed it - and what a natural she was at keeping time with the drums! I almost cried happy tears... it was so nice to see her included in such a big event, and we really must thank the amazing band leader for enabling that to happen. There were three more bands after Sasha's and she had her hands over ears for that, no doubt due to sensory overload. It's amazing how she can cope with her own sound levels fine though on a good day ;)

You can read more about Steph and her girls on her blog, and connect with her on facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram.

This guest post is part of my #madeupmilestones guest blogging series. This is a monthly series celebrating the achievements of our kids that are special to us and them. 
 If you'd like to share some #madeupmilestones with us and our readers, please get in touch with me or send me the answers to the questions like this example.

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  1. Loved readinf about Sasha's achievements. Coming from a mum who has a child who LOVES the stage, I know how it feels to see such joy 😊


  2. Well done Sasha! That is such a huge achievement, I'm not surprised mummy My was so proud of you x #PostsFromTheHeart

  3. Fabulous Sasha- that is a huge achievement #PostsFromTheHeart

  4. well done Sasha, it's always good when our children find something that they are not just passionate about but are good at

  5. Oh well done Sasha! How brave of you! Here is to many more concerts in the future!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumpantTales. I hope to see you back on Tuesday.


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