Monday 21 December 2015

Baubley babbles: Aim high with your communication

Welcome to our Baubley babbles, my notes on helping my family talk over Christmas. My sons are both on the autistic spectrum and we have a two year old daughter. Our son, David is five years old and uses a variety of Augmented and Alternative Communication (AAC) to talk. Every school day till school restarts I'll post a one thing I'll be keeping in mind to help us all communicate over the festive holidays. Maybe some things will be of interest to you too.

Today: Aiming High

An opening thought, aim high with your kids communication. My kids make progress at school and I'm not always aware of how much they can do. But I do know David can string several Makaton signs together and when he is using PECS, he is at working at stage 4 + attributes. I also know Anthony's speech targets includes responding in full sentences.

I'm not going to withhold fun at Christmas or expect targets to be hit at all in the midst of present opening. But during the normal parts of the day, I can encourage the boys to request/respond in full sentences as appropriate.  During breakfast it a good idea as its routine. 

Jane is lucky she's at the point of forming  full sentences so she gets constant good modelling too. 

Tomorrow - introducing festive vocabulary

Communication Matters - What is PECS?

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