Friday 25 December 2015

Bauble babbles: Use their choice of communication

David uses both PECS and Makaton to communicate but he's not forced to use either of them instead of the other. Some people may use programmes like Proloquo2go or a talker device too.

If David manages to communicate that he wants to watch The Polar Express using key words with either his PECS or his Makaton sign I'm not going to force him to repeat it with the other device. This kind of exercise will only confuse him, no one else has to repeat themselves? I've found that if David has communicated to me asking him to repeat this only irritates him and causes him stress.  And despite my preference for Makaton, if he chooses PECS that's fine too.  Imagine the upset on Christmas Day if I asked him to request a present again because he used his PECS book instead of his Makaton?  I don't think so. The important thing is he communicates as best he can.... and that he gets another Christmas present... and to watch The Polar Express of course!

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Notes: Thanks for reading Baubley babbles, my notes on helping my family talk over Christmas. My sons are both on the autistic spectrum and we have a two year old daughter. Our son, David is five years old and uses a variety of Augmented and Alternative Communication (AAC) to talk. Every school day till school restarts I'll post a one thing I'll be keeping in mind to help us all communicate over the festive holidays. Maybe some things will be of interest to you too.

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