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What is Mumma Games?  

Hi, I’m Ann and I’m a 40-year-old Mumma of three who games.

Sure I played Duck Hunt, Top Gun along with Mario Bros on the first NES and it’s fair to say it took me into the wee small hours of the morning to get down the elephants trunk in Heavenly Sword, but nowadays I game with a little extra.

Now, two of my beautiful three kids are autistic and the oldest one in particular loves gaming. Kids using technology is often seen as a parenting fail - but honestly, that’s just not the case in our home. And it turns out one of the best ways for Anthony to get the best out of technology and particularly gaming, is for me to do it too.  It's why I joined in Fortnite, saved up my V-bucks for the battle pass and begged the developers to bring back Playground Mode.

As I already blog about raising my autistic kids it seemed easy enough to add in posts that would help him and anyone else out there get the basics and the best out of some of the games he (and I) want to play.  I'll cover whatever he.. or I am playing at the moment. Might cover some gear too, as we've just added a playseat into the lounge, along with other posts on why gaming and technology is a good thing for us.

So Mumma Games is a depository, that will hopefully be full of stuff that will help us enjoy and learn from gaming and help us stay safe online.  If you are a gamer looking for some info or another mumma checking out what their kids are playing, I may be able to help.  For the advice on parental controls for games consoles visit Internet Matters.

If you think you'd like see what we've been playing, see the latest from MummaGames. You can also email me any queries about our online play or games at

"Every now and again I'll switch my mic on and I get some interesting comments when the guys or kids realise it's a mumma playing along side them - let's just say I hold my own. "

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