Friday 25 February 2022

What my daughter's interest in Spanish made me think about acceptance

Recently my daughter has been trying her hand at writing some Spanish phrases.  She's been asking google translate lots of things and she's been busy making notes.  It's all because one of her best friends recently moved away.

Jane and Bethania have been friends since they first started school about four years ago.  They both had busy lives with their families; both liked travelling too and this meant they honestly didn't have that many play dates together but the few they had were fondly remembered. Anyway, one day in lockdown Bethania found out they were going to move back to Spain where her family was from and although excited for her, Jane was gutted. 

There's about kids friendships I don't have to deal with.  David doesn't really have friends - he's at a special school and although he exists with the other kids there and plays with them - that's about it.  Anthony, I'm pleased to say is exploring and is slowing beginning to understand, value and navigate friends, social interactions and friendships

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by Jane initiative to communicate with her friend in Spanish now that she has moved.   It's so easy to find learn with many apps and websites like  We've always taught her to communicate with others on their level.  She learned Makaton sign language when she was just a toddler as a way of communicating with her pre-verbal older brother  and she naturally adapts with many other kids and adults that she meets - even if it's speaking louder so her Nanny can hear her. 

When we all went to my brother-in-law's Indian Wedding we learned bits of language and loved learning about some of the rich culture and history and of course the names of all the beautiful dresses we wore.  

I guess it's all about accepting everyone, well no more than that.. embracing everyone for who they are.  Jane doesn't just accept her brothers and their challenges, she embraces them and supports them.  She doesn't just know her friend speaks Spanish she joins in with her even from a far and via WhatsApp.  It's wholehearted.  And her attitude is a great one that I aspire to.  One that can only be a great thing for everyone. 


  1. Wow, how sweet! I think Jane is so amazing for trying to learn Spanish in order to stay in touch with Bethania at her level. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I know - it's lovely to see. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Awww this is just such a heartwarming post! How lovely that Jane is learning Spanish phrases to communicate with her friend as she's moved away to Spain. True friendship and a willingness to accept and embrace other's difference. What an amazing daughter you have. Thank you for joining us for the #DreamTeam :-)

  3. I think it is lovely that Jane is making such an effort to continue her friendship as well as learning about a new language and culture. I am learning Italian on Duolingo as my ancestors come from there but it is quite tricky as an adult! Thanks for joining in with the #DreamTeam


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