Wednesday 15 December 2021

Last minute Christmas gifts for our sensory autistic kids

I find buying things for my autistic kids quite challenging at the best of times. Family are always asking what they can get for gifts and it's hard Anthony often has limited interests and is shy about expressing an opinion (in case it's wrong) and David... well David's communication is very limited.  But they are both sensory kids, so what kind of things have I got on my last minute shopping list for the kids? 

Talking toys

When Anthony was younger he loved all his talking action figures - particularly the marvel ones. The Titan ones were great as they communicated each other and I loved this as it set an example for the kids. 

David is younger but I've found some things similar - Disney do Cars Track Talkers from the Cars movies and there are other Disney talkers too.  The Cars ones have Mack (the haulage truck), Lightening, Mater and some of the other racers from the last Cars 3 movie and they all interact and talk to each other when they are near each other and on.  They can sort of have conversations, take turns talking and so on.  Plus this kind of thing really helps reenact the films which a lot of kids like to do. 


Fidget Spinners are always fun, I've see new transformer fidget spinners this year - what will they think of next!  There are also Poppits or Pop Fidgets that seen to come in every shape and size.  Make sure you buy these from a reputable supplier though as some have been known to contain toxin plastics. 

Fidget cubes are still the rage but your also get huge squashy balls and stress toys too.  Gooky Grippers are the balls that have a mesh around them that the 'goo' pops through.  These are always popular and I've seen on Smyths Toys that they have light up ones which look like they would appeal to our sensory kids. 

Good old Father Christmas likes to top up the kids wardrobe at this time of year and one thing to make sure you don't touch each others hands is by giving a gift for your feet. We've recently found seamless socks which all the kids love.  SockShop's seamless socks are great for kids with sensory difficulties and we love the bamboo ones because they help the kids feel stay warm / cool when they need to and dry as it wicks away moisture. The socks are made with foot-kind, smooth hand linked toe seams so they aren't annoying for the kids. They do a whole range of festive styles too. 

Mini hand drones and flyers 

Which is a kind of crazy name really, as the whole point is that you don't have to use your hands.  These toys started off last year as the classic hand drone and then have evolved into well whatever you think can fly.  The initial one is is like a little floating UFO that responds to things around it, so you can play pass without actually having to touch the device.  Genius. 

This mini drone is shaped like a little flying saucer and uses infrared smart sensors on the side and bottom, it reacts to things around it and (mostly) avoids objects around it.  Put your hand under it and it will fly and fly up, put your hand aside and it will fly in the opposite direction. Works for about 5-10 minutes on a half hour charge from a USB.  Simples... I hope.   I think the bright lights will hopefully appeal to my sensory seeking kiddies. 

Hatchimals have created ones that's are fairies called Crystal Pixies and my daughter is very much hoping one will be under the tree this year.  I've also seen a flying unicorn which looks a bit like one you might find on a merry go round and makes me think of the original paint picture adventure in Mary Poppins. 

Have you got any ideas?

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