Monday 3 January 2022

Make a recycled pearl of wisdom craft to support our kids in 2022

Pearl of Wisdom craft

It's been another strange year for our kids.  Things have been constantly changing and we've not been able to do things like we would usually.  We haven't met up with family as much, school has been different, places have been closed to name just a few.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming and having one thing to think about or to focus on, a 'pearl of wisdom' can help. 

This fun craft highlights something important that your kids can refer to year round. Too many messages can be confusing for many kids, especially ones like some of mine with autism and ADHD, or just when they are younger, like Jane, thinking of many things can be challenging. We tried this fun kids craft, highlighting a 'pearl of wisdom' or a special thing for the kids to remember for 2022.  We don't need the pressure of a New Years Resolution.    

By creating this themselves they not only use and develop their motor-skills (which can be delayed in many kids with autism and good for those with dyspraxia) but have a better chance of remembering their resolution or 'pearl of wisdom'.

To create your own, you will need:

  • A paper plate or card circle - using some packing from Christmas is a great idea
  • A silver pen, colours, old foil or paint,
  • A polystyrene craft ball, or a bauble that has seen better days
  • A glue stick
  • Glitter or alternative such as sparkle sand or reuse shiny wrapping paper or sweet wrappers
  • A hole punch or sharp pencil and tac
  • An old gift tag with string or ribbon, and pen or pencil to write on it

To make your pearl of wisdom:
  1. Start by making your oyster shell.  Colour or paint your card circle, or cover it in foil.  Once it is dry, fold it in half to make an open oyster shape.
  2. Make your pearl sparkle - we covered an old polystyrene bauble in glue stick and then in sparkle sand. Stick your pearl into the mouth of your oyster.
  3. Write your note of wisdom on the tag and add a string or ribbon to attached it to. 
  4.  Punch a hole in the top of your oyster and attach your tag. 
Here's some of the pearl's of wisdom we have had:

"When things go wrong I will try and learn what I could do better"
"When I am sad I will try to think about what makes me happy"
"I will try to remember that I am a good person and don't need to be upset with myself"
"I have people to support me when I feel I can't cope" 

This craft uses a lot of bilateral motor skills (using both hands in coordination) by holding and sticking and also helps practice writing and colouring.

What would you write or help your kids write in theirs?

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