Thursday 9 April 2020

Easter activities for my kids at home

cakes with Oreo tails

It's almost Easter and we might not be able to do the same things we usually do.  Those of us who may go to Church probably can't and there will be no big family gatherings.  We're not even meant to go out to get things like Easter Eggs or other special items so what are we doing with the kids this Easter?

Baking and cooking

At the moment you might just have to go with what you've got in your cupboard.  There was a definite rush on flour in the supermarkets but I found that things like cake mixes seemed to be in better supply.  We have used one of these to make 'burrowing bunny' cupcakes. It's a lovely theme and we had some of the kids going around pretending to be bunnies diving under blankets in a game or virtual hide and seek.

This chocolate nests recipe, requires no actual melting, and has ingredients mostly available in the shops if you need them so you could get them when doing your essential shop. It's easy and safe too.

For those with savoury tooth, we also have and Easter Rabbit Toast that's really fun to do using bread and an egg.   It's actually really fun and effective.  We usually boil eggs and colour their shells when cool, but I don't think we will have enough this year to all do one.

Jane and her Hatchimals Bouquet

Easter themed toys and books

Of course running in the theme of eggs what could be more on theme than Hatchimals? Jane absolutely loves these adorable little animals that are born out of eggs. She had a giant one for Christmas and for Easter she's got a Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Spring Bouquet. With flowers being a bit of a spring connection too, my daughter loves hatching the little creatures and loved the flower eggs they came in.

We went on an Easter hunt around the house looking for things like this that could be Easter themed. We also found some Peter Rabbit books and characters and found a good story in our children's Bible too.

Easter casket craft


If you've got old toilet rolls tubes, paper, colours and perhaps a bit of cotton wool, you'll be able to make a bunch of things for Easter.  We've made a toilet roll bunny just by add ears and a nose, and a springy bunny by folding paper back and forth. I've got a bigger walkthrough for a fluffy bunny craft using cotton wool and we decorated some coloured plastic eggs.

There are lots of Easter basket templates online that you could copy or print out to store your crafts in too, or perhaps some of the Easter themed toys you find.  Twinkl has more Easter stuff than I could print out.

We're lucky to have a garden to be out in this weekend, which will give something else to do too.

Have you got any suggestions?

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