Tuesday 15 March 2016

Dry Sensory Easter Rabbit Craft Activity

Some kids with autism can be sensitive to wet textures or not like mixing dry and wet textures together but still enjoy being creative.  We had great fun with this craft activity at a local group, Me Too & Co, which supports children with additional needs and their siblings.

Dry Sensory Easter Rabbit

Apart from cutting out rabbit shapes from coloured paper this activity is easy to set up.  Choose some different dry textures in bowls, add glue sticks and pens and let your kids have fun.  At Me Too & Co they had:

  • Different coloured felt shapes including ovals, rectangles, squares and triangles
  • Cotton wool pleats
  • Little pom pom balls
  • Feathers and
  • Tissue string.

Encouraging fine motor stills

If your child has emerging fine motor skills then this is a great activity. Kids will need to use and develop their pincer grip in order to pick up bits of felt and the little pom poms.  If this is challenging, don't worry they can have an easier time with the feathers and tissue string.  

Pulling the cotton wool pleats apart will encourage bilateral motor skills (using both hands together to achieve an outcome).  By placing the bowls of bits around the child you will also encourage them to cross their mid-line when they reach over to grab items.

Using a glue stick may encourage a classic pencil grip but even if not it will still encourage pre-writing movements while you cover the rabbit with sticky glue.

Encouraging Labelling

Different shapes of felt and the different colours of items give you and opportunity to label shapes and colours.  It's also a good opportunity to label textures such as soft cotton wool, crinkly tissue paper or fluffy feathers.

You can also label using makaton, have a look at the Makaton #wetalkmakaton sign of week for helpful ideas.
Jane had a great time at Me Too & Co and I loved her finished rabbit. 

sensory Easter activity materials for autism



  1. How fabulous that you have the Me Too & Co group to attend and what a great activity. I love Jane's rabbit. I bet it took pride of place at home. TY for linking up with #FamilyFun 🌸

  2. This is a great idea. I'm looking for more things to do like this with my son. Sounds like a fab group too, so important to be sensitive when cultivating creativity xx Lucy at occupation: (m)other


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