Friday 21 December 2018

Four last minute gift ideas for autistic kids

If you've just left it a bit late for your kids or think you may be visiting some as a last minute arrangement here's some quick gift ideas we've grabbed that are still next day delivery or collections (at least at time of posting!)

Feed their mind 

1. The Christmas Next Door story book

Books can be great for many autistic kids.  They can encourage imagination and the routine and comfort of a repeating story can be calming too.  This Christmas Next Door is festive and has a autistic character naturally included in a loving story about support, family and what's really important at Christmas. We loved it - read about it and other great books here.  Amazon currently delivering before Christmas.

Feed their senses

2. A Vibrating pillow

Yep - you heard right.  A vibrating pillow can be a great sensory gift.  Kids can hug them and get feedback that helps them feel calm.  Amazon are still delivering these before Christmas.

Feed their obsessions - here's three suggestions based on some of our current trends.

3. Computer game action figures

If your kid is into Fortnite like my lad, then you might try one of the Fortnite toy figures or gear from Argos.  Some of these are available in stores to click and collect straight away.  The figures include some of the top skins.

If it's not Fortnite, then maybe it's Minecraft toys you are interested in?   John Lewis has several figure sets items on collect next day from store.  Argos have a selection that are available to collect now from some stores.  If the kid is into Minecraft like mine, they might enjoy these.

4. LOL dolls surprises

I'd never heard of this stuff, till I had a girl.  And one that was obsessed with watching all those surprise egg things on youtube!  This is a collection thing and girls are often into it. Amazon have a bunch of things on prime delivery like this little LOL Pets Surprise.  Argos also doing one's for collection too, though some have limited stock.

Hope you manage to find things if you looking last minute too. Merry Christmas.

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  1. I haven't seen this book before I have just added it to my amazon wish list! Vibrating pillow certainly sounds interesting!


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