Wednesday 9 May 2018

Taking time out from parenting

Mum on a mountain

I love being a parent. I love my kids to bits and it's without a doubt the best thing about my life. But, that's not to say it's not tiring and tough sometimes. Exhausting actually. With my kids conditions, I'm short on sleep and time for myself. And this is likely to be the case for years to come. But 'you can’t pour from an empty cup' as my Gran used to say. To be a great parent, I need to take a break from parenting all the time. So what can I do?

Learn something new

I like learning new stuff - nothing too difficult but I enjoy learning. Learning new things helps to keep us curious and our mind’s sharp. These days we have access to so much information - reading books online, listening to podcasts or even signing up to an online course could all teach you about what it is you’re interested in. I'm particularly keen on things that may help with work. I work very little, but I do it because it is also part of my time out from being a parent. Online schools such as LSBF are ideal if business and finance is where your passions lie, but it could be anything from a very academic subject like this to more of a creative one. Spend your time learning new things and you will expand your mind, and achieving any goals you set will make you feel fantastic.

Pampering time

When you become a parent, you swap long baths for short showers, or in my case mass bathing with the kids. It's a bit cramped to say the least! What make-up routine? It seems a luxury these days to be able to shave my legs with a wet razor. So, every now and again - I do it and pamper myself just a little bit. Indulge in a hot bath, apply oils and repairing masks to my face or well-handled hair. It never seems to take very long and I always feel better afterwards.

Focus on health

Getting active can help to boost your mood and it's something I'm not very good at. I don't have time to hit the gym three times a week. It seems strange that increased exercise will actually increase energy levels, but it does.  I got an adult scooter for my birthday and I love it - I now scoot everywhere I can. I've also got it with a child carrier so I can take David on it with me.

But it's just fitting it in. If I get a free hour to meet a friend we might go for a walk together instead of just having a coffee? Talking of coffee - I might also go and get myself something nice for lunch - a lovely freshly made wrap or salad. It's a treat and it's better than what I might grab for lunch in the house.

Focusing on your health is one of the best things you can do as a parent, chances are you will be actively encouraging your kids to be healthy without trying. Somehow I've ended back up at parenting again? See how all consuming it is? I'll always be their parent, but need some time for me too. What things would you suggest to give yourself a break?

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  1. We all need to remind ourselves what we love about ourselves sometimes which involves ignoring the whole parenting thing for a bit. I am loving exploring that side of myself again now mine are teens. #coolmumclub


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