Thursday, 15 March 2018

The benefits of a few autism friendly events

Autistic boy at a playgym

Going out with my kids is usually a little challenging, but we are getting better at it.  It's not so long along that the idea of going out on my own with our three kids meant I'd stay inside instead.  After all the kids are fine in the house and it's only later they struggle after being in all day.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The memory functions of my 10 year old autistic lad with ADHD

Autistic boy sitting on a step and thinking

"I can't find my shoes, where are they, where are they?" screams Anthony as he races through the house. Anthony needs to be reminded to put his shoes in the hall when he takes them off. He can never remember where else they might be and has huge difficulty actually seeing them even when in plain sight. It's like directing a blind folded person to an object on the floor sometimes.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

When you find out your child has got upset at school

Sad boy

When I dropped Jane at school on Monday, her older brother's teaching assistant was waiting at the door.  Anthony has autism and ADHD and has a learning support assistant (LSA)  or teaching assistant (TA) help him at school.  At first I thought he must have forgotten something, but then it was obvious that his TA was checking in because he'd got really upset a few days before.  It doesn't matter if your child has additional needs or not - no one wants to hear their child has been upset.

Monday, 5 March 2018

The first time one son spoke to the other

Back of two autistic boys on a hill

David had his birthday recently.  He turned seven years old.  But unlike most other seven year olds he didn't say 'thank you' for his gifts or talk endlessly to his Nana & Papa on the phone about his big day. That's because David is autistic and what we describe as pre-verbal.  Basically put, David doesn't really talk.
What is Autism?
It's so much I couldn't possibly try and explain. For us it's wonderful and heart-breaking. Joyous and truthful. But as far as diagnosis is concerned, why not have a look at the National Autistic Society for their definition of Autism.
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