Tuesday 13 June 2017

Wacky weather tree motor skills learning activity

Weather Station

We've had a rather wacky few weeks.  And this had included the weather.  We've had cloudy days, sunny days, wet days and even night time thunder storms.  If this is causing conversation in your house like it is on ours, then turn it into a fun motor skills learning activity with a weather tree craft.

Our eldest son is very interested in the weather.  It's part of his routine to think about what the weather is going to be like today in parts of the world and where we are. Many people with autism feel comforted by routine and this is certainly the case with Anthony.  He likes to know what is likely to happen with the weather, it makes him feel prepared for the day.

There was a time he was particularly interested in whether there could be a rainbow - as he couldn't look at them. He was simply overwhelmed by them... as the blog name goes, rainbows are too beautiful to look at.

Many people with autism also have fine or gross motor skills challenges.  This fun 'wacky weather tree' craft activity combines the idea of thinking about the weather, using motor skills and looking at the day or week ahead or even past.

Weather cut outs and fun

This activity requires some preparation - mainly the cutting out of some weather items (a circle for the sun, arch as a rainbow and a cloud shape) if the kiddie cannot do the cutting themselves.  I did this activity with Jane at Me Too & Co but if the child can and wants to do the cutting then you might find easigrip scissors may help them.  In addition to some shapes you will need:
  • Ribbon or string cut into 10cm(ish) lengths
  • Glue stick
  • Decorations - we used coloured feathers, tin foil, cotton wool, tissue paper, glitter and Chalkola chalk pens and metallic markers
  • A large stick to make the tree - go on a hunt for your tree together 
  • An old plant pot with holes in the bottom
Then simply decorate your different weather.   Jane covered our rainbow shape in glitter and metallic markers, and gave our sun some fluffy cotton wool clouds.  Then turn the old plant pot upside down and stand your stick into one of the little holes in the bottom of it.  Stick some string onto your decorated wacky weather and hang them on your tree.  You could also just hang the weather of the day on your tree - so hang a sun on sunny days or a cloud on cloudy days etc.  This would be great to talk about what's going to happen or what happened with the weather.

When making the wacky weather tree, place the decorations around the table. This will encourage the child to cross their mid line - stretching their hands across the middle of their body and then using them.  This can be good for communication too, some maybe able to point or gesture to what they want for you to help them.

All gluing will encourage bilateral motor skills (using two hands together) by holding the paper and then gluing with the other hand, or teamwork if you are holding and they are gluing. Use the activity how ever you like to your own targets or progress.  

We had great fun - how do you talk or learn about the weather?

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  1. This is a lovely craft. What a great way to learn about the weather! #aBloggingGoodTime

  2. Such a lovely, fun craft. My daughter likes to know the weather forecast each day, it's one of those things she likes asking though mainly only in the summer - who wants to hear about the cold and rain?! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. That's a lovely idea, my little girl always asks if I can look at my weather app for the day. I might try this activity with her. #WotW

  4. What a lovely craft! I think I'm going to try this with my daughter as she loves to talk about the weather and understand what it's like day by day. Thanks for linking this up to #coolmumclub! xxxx

  5. What a lovely activity for him to do! I think we all are steered to some extent by wanting to know what the weather is doing! #coolmumclub

  6. Wow, this is fantastic! I'm looking forward to Autumn being older so I can do activities like this with her. I'm quite tempted to make one for myself though, haha :) #CoolMumClub

  7. What a great project. This is so much better than just writing down our observations. #CoolMumClub

  8. That will be a new thing for me. The featured cabled weather stations are my daily thing to forecast weather information and stay safe.


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