Wednesday 7 December 2016

WonderfulWednesday: An autism parent fell into a hole

An autism parent fell into hole

Ah, I do feel like I've fallen into a hole sometimes, more often than I'd like actually. That's why this week's wonderful Wednesday share is the above that I found via Special Parents Handbook on Facebook.

It can sometimes feel isolating when your child has a disability.  When I was at the antenatal classes I had visions of making friends with the mums there, and then later I thought I'd make friends with the preschool mums and then later those at the school gate.  Honestly, it didn't really happen like that.  Sure I've got to know a few people, but not many and not very well.  I found it hard to relate. It was like everyone else was talking about raising their kittens and I had dinosaurs.

I started going to play sessions at a local charity called Me Too & Co.  They are a local charity run mostly by parents of disabled kids that supports the whole family. And I found being able to talk to people who understood what I was going through was such a relief. Yes, my kids could finally play in a venue without having their behaviour judged but more than that they offered support in getting the right education for my kids, DLA and you name it. They were there as much for me as they were for my kids.

So like the image above, as a charity of parents, they not only got in the hole with me... they brought the form so I could get a ladder ready for the next time I fell in.  Without these kind of friends I'd be struggling more and feel more alone. And most wonderfully, having the support of other SEND parents, SEND Bloggers and autism parents has given me the confidence to help others and make friends outside this community too.

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