Friday 19 May 2017

There's so much to know with NCC

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Did you get any of those 'how to be a parent' books before you had kids or when you were pregnant? I didn't.

I did the standard antenatal classes and was probably more into maternity rights / pay etc than actually how to take care of baby or then children.  It's just there's a lot to take in.  And nine years later, there's still so much I have to learn.

In addition to all the 'regular' requirements, such as keeping the kids fed, clothed... alive effectively, there's been all the extra things.  The many medical appointments and the all the chasing of paperwork and everything else around their education mounts up.  Two out of three of our kids have additional needs and learning about this and trying to get them the right education has felt like a steep learning curve.

Prior to school is was all NAS Early Bird courses to learn about autism and meeting other parents and organisations to help with the minefield of what then was 'A Statement of Special Educational Needs' and is now a 'Education, Health and Care Plan'.  Then online research to find out about ADHD and the rest.

Now they are actually in school, I want to know more about what's happening there. I still find other parents and organisations really valuable resources but to find out more I've enrolled on a home study course - Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Award.

I want to know more about what the teaching assistants in the classrooms are taught.  I want to know more about the way the teachers see child development and what that means for my kids in class. And I want to know about how schools are organised - it seems unless you are in it, it's hard to know what goes on.  It was easy enough to sign up to this course but with being able to go at my own pace, I just need to ensure I give myself time to actually do it.  It sometimes seems impossible to fit it all in somtimes.

I'll let you know how I get on.  How do you keep up to date with what you need to know? Have you ever studied from home?

This post was in collaboration with NCC Home Learning.  I received enrolment on my chosen course for review. 
As always my comments and opinions are independent. 
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  1. i never had books for my kids, my first information pack was about delivery and then the bounty pack after the babies were born, i'm a teacher focusing on special needs and i trained teaching assistants in their NVQ's, even so I have one child left in school, final year and we are having lots of problems with getting the right level of support for his needs and despite knowing what goes on i'm useless to help.

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