Wednesday 22 March 2017

WonderfulWednesday: World Down's Syndrome Day WDSD17

Odd socks for Down's Syndrome Day

This week's wonderful Wednesday share includes some lovely posts and pieces about World Down's Syndrome Day.

As a family with additional needs kids that are autistic and have ADHD, hypermobility and a few other things to, I'm familiar with them being misunderstood.  Being autistic is an integral part of who my boys are and in a way, who we are as a family. Anthony knows he has autism and ADHD. Despite having challenges though, I'm delighted that Anthony wouldn't change who he is. He is happy in his skin, although he wishes he didn't struggle sometimes.

Outwardly, people don't always understand the boys actions. I've apologised not for my kids, but to people who have been upset by their actions.  Their life will be better, better valued and easier if they are understood and accepted.

Whereas, by boys are often misunderstood due to their actions, people with Down's syndrome are sometimes misunderstood due to common myths. Here's some courtesy of Down's Syndrome Association.

Myth - People with Down’s syndrome all look the same

Fact - There are certain physical characteristics that can occur due to the genetic condition that is a partial or whole extra chromosome 21 (and hence why World Down's Syndrome Day is celebrated on 21st Day of the 3rd Month each year). Each person will have a number of the more common physical characteristics. A person with Down’s syndrome will always look more like his or her close family than someone else with the condition.

Myth - People with Down’s syndrome cannot achieve normal life goals

Fact - With the right support, they can. Increasing numbers of people with Down’s syndrome leave home and live with support in their communities. They gain employment, meet partners and can get the best out of life like anyone else.

Myth - People with Down’s syndrome are always happy and affectionate

Fact - We are all individuals and people with Down’s syndrome are no different to anyone else in their character traits and varying moods.

Dispelling myths, increasing understanding, awareness and more than just acceptance of Down's syndrome is what the Day was all about. So, without further faffing, here's some of the highlights I happened to see online.
  • Nancy from The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy produced a wonderful little Q&A with T who has Down's syndrome. Check out a brief clip into him and his photos here
  • Kirsty from All About Evie, says "people should be included, accepted and loved for who they are…regardless of anything else. It is after all just an extra chromosome." and explains why people raise awareness of the day by wearing brightly coloured / odd socks - something I didn't know about until I read her post.
  • Talking of wearing odd socks, I loved these photos from Stephs Two Girls.  They show her autistic daughter, who struggles with sensory issues and who usually only wears seamless socks, going the extra mile for others their support for the day.  Brilliant!
  • Hayley from Downs Side Up wrote a piece about facts over on the FireFly Community.  For example did you know there were some rare forms of Down's syndrome that were not linked to chromosome 21?
  • Finally, as always the advocate, you can see celebrations of WDSD17 on Sally Phillips twitter here
If you've got a post, please feel free to include in the comments.  I hope you all had a very happy WDSD17. xx

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  1. Thanks for sharing and tackling some of the myths. #thelistlinky

  2. Thank you - this is good to know. My mum's neighbour has downs syndrome and for years we have waved at each other through his window whenever I park my car. He is not able to live independently but I know other people with the syndrome can #thelinkylist


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