Wednesday 21 December 2016

WonderfulWednesday: Welcoming an autistic guest at Christmas by @mumsomeone

This week's wonderful Wednesday share is from my #SpectrumSunday co-host, Danielle at Someone's Mum.  She's written this really helpful post about helping autistic children during Christmas.

Although we've found that there are many things that can cause upset at Christmas, most upset is caused by the same issues.  It's not Christmas itself, it's the lack of familiarity, the lack of the routine, extra noise and lights possibly or maybe just the crowds of people.

I love some of these tips from Danielle and think they are also useful if you have kids with autism yourself.   I think they could also help anyone who is a bit more anxious, or even anyone a bit more prone to becoming tired. Have a look see here.

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