Friday 23 December 2016

Baubles & Babbles: Festive vocabularly

Welcome to my Baubles and Babbles, my notes on helping my family communicate over Christmas. Our first post is about using a broad but appropriate vocabulary.

We have been introducing Christmas signs and symbols since school finished. This has included many renditions of a Singing Hands Christmas DVD.  However there are also some AAC methods where if you aren't thinking about it, you can cut down on vocabulary without realising it.

Particularly if you are away for Christmas, it can seem easy to cut out and just take pages of a PECS book. That's exactly what I did for 'ease' a few holidays and all it meant was that I limited what our son could think about saying.

Now I try to immerse us in a comprehensive and appropriate vocabulary. This previously included adding extra vocabulary to David's PECS book at Christmas so he could ask for new things like mince pies and presents! Now it means learning lots of new Makaton signs for everything so we can play with his presents together. If he lets me!

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