Wednesday 2 March 2016

#WonderfulWednesday: Different stories

This week's #WonderfulWednesday share is a quote from Stuart Duncan (founder of that I saw via Stories About Autism.

This small quote encapsulates so much. My boys are both on the autistic spectrum but they differ in so many ways. Anthony could never cloud watch like David because Anthony is afraid of rainbows. David won't get nervous about going back to school like Anthony, because David loves school! As I commented on Neurotribes, it does seem that sometimes we should talk about 'autisms'

I also love that it says 'stories'. I love stories, happy ones are my favourites and maybe that's why I read this as an almost joyful quote, though that won't be the same for everyone. My boys stories often make me smile. I grinned at David's interaction in the playground and could barely hold back tears of joy when Anthony participated in a swimming gala. It's infact usually my own fears that cause me occasional sadness and that's usually about stories that haven't been made yet. 

 Each child's story is different and the same goes for those on the autistic spectrum. 

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