Thursday 3 March 2016

To a Special Mum

autism mum is special mum first

I am a mother to three beautiful children; two of them have an assortment of additional or 'special' needs. I sometimes feel like I'm treated differently because of this. Some people think I'm special in some sort of supermum type way with the kids, some others think I'm special because I have to 'deal' with a lot because of the kids. I hear "I don't know how you do it," quite a bit.

You don't need to look far down my blog to see that the kids additional needs adds pressure to our lives. Missing a weekly ballet lesson is not the same as missing the therapy appointment you've had lined up for 6 months.  Sometimes small things have huge a impacts on the family and my concerns about the future can seem pretty serious.  But coping (or not) with these things aren't what makes me special to my kids.

have bought a card for my mum that said 'To a special mum' on several occasions. My mum is amazing, a one of a kind that showers me in the kind of love and care that only my mother can. And that makes her special. To my kids, I'm not special because some of them have special needs, I'm special because I'm their mum.

I am mum before therapist, mum before dietitian and mum before engineer. And although these roles are currently an integral part of my job as their mum, I'll still be their special mum when these roles change.  I'll always look out for them, support them, fight for them, celebrate their achievements, comfort their sorrows and love them unconditionally like no one else can. Just like my mum did.

So to my special mum who taught me what the phrase means, thank you, and (although a little early) Happy Mothers Day. 

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  1. Oh, I love this post!!! It is something that really needs to be said. We are not special because of what we deal with we are special because of how we deal with it, maybe that is what people are tying to say in a back to front way. I get the I don't know how you do it sometimes too. I take it as a compliment now, with a secret knowing smile. TY for linking up with #FamilyFun 🌸


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