Tuesday 8 March 2016

Sensory Banana Flapjack recipe

This recipe from Jane's latest trip to Cookie Tots club can easily be adapted for either the sensory seekers or sensory adverse whilst providing a great healthy, sweet delicious pudding or snack.

Anthony has autism and ADHD and is a big sensory seeker desperate to get in and hardly notices if his hands are a mess.  If your kids are sensory seekers, then get stuck in. Allow your little one to mush together the banana and rest of the ingredients my hand. It'll make a lovely mess on their hands but then they can have the joy of washing them really well too.  Washing sticky messy hands will also help develop a good pincer grip to pick off all the sticky bits. 

David is also autistic but doesn't like mess on his hands at all.  He will reach for a towel or cloth to clean his hands or clothes if they get food on them.  For the sensory adverse, make the flapjack mixture in a large bowl. Provide melted butter to make stirring in the bowl easy and then mash the banana with a fork on a board before adding to the mixture.

As for the recipe, our Kiddy Cook instructor suggested a teaspoon of poppy seeds as an extra and we didn't use the honey or apricots pieces as the flapjack was plenty sweet with the banana.  Once cooked it was sweet and very soft - like a flapjacky banana bread.

Our kids are big flapjack fans and this was a complete hit with them. 

Sensory banana flapjack ingredients

Sensory banana flapjack method

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  1. I think my children will love this. They regularly make oat and banana cookies themselves and love them, so that should go down well, especially since they also love dried apricots.

  2. This is great recipe, perfect for my two to make and eat! Mr O is a sensory seeker and even at 4 I find it hard to stop him biting things he shouldn't, his little brother isn't always so keen about having sticky hands for long though! Will pin this for later, thanks for linking up to #HowtoSundays. :) x

  3. Great recipe. We're huge fans of flapjacks and they're our go to snack for family hikes, so these are right up our street. It's great to get them involved in the process of making them at such a young age.
    Potty Adventures


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