Wednesday 9 March 2016

#WonderfulWednesday: Was I right to tell off someone else's child?

Usually I have my Wonderful Wednesday share all lined up before the day comes but I didn't today. I was wondering what to link to when I stumbled across this post from Cardiff Mummy Says called, 'Was I right to tell off someone else's child?'

Admittedly this is usually one of the titles I would click on with a sense of dread. Having two boys on the autistic spectrum with a variety of other issues, and then a toddler in tow, I'm often aware that other people may be judging me or my kids. But this post didn't arrest me, it reassured me.

This lovely post at Cardiff Mummy Says retells an incident we are all familiar with: A child shoving others at a playgym. I'm familiar with it from both sides. Sometimes the stares stop when the Mums see I'm using Makaton sign language. Sometimes I get the 'what are you doing bringing a child with special needs to a public place' look. That look breaks my heart every time by the way.

Instead when a child was acting up this wonderful mum considers all the options for their behaviour and the lack of parental presence. In the end she nicely talks to the 'misbehaving child' and moves to another part of the playgym  when the shoving continues. This gives me hope because alternative reasons for acting out has been considered and she doesn't 'blame' the child at all. Indeed Cardiff Mummy is concerned she has gone too far.

Thank you Cardiff Mummy for your thought and care. Honestly, I wish more were like you. See more from Cardiff Mummy Says here

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