Thursday 17 December 2015

Finally, excited to see a Christmas show

Yesterday I was at my daughters Christmas show. I have three children and attend all the shows etc that I can, but this is the first time I've attended with nerves of excitement instead of nerves of anxiety or a feeling of indifference. 

It's because despite being only two and a half, Jane was by far the most interested and engaged in the Christmas show possibly because she's the only child without autism in the family. She's only been at nursery for two mornings a week for four weeks. But that hasn't stopped her being a full participant in the Nativity Play. 

Our little 'angel' did all the actions, quietly sang songs, enthusiastically clapped in all the right parts and identified afterwards that she was actually wearing a Cinderella dress but it was ok. She even filled in gaps during the songs which had no actions with a bit of Makaton sign language. Clever girl. As well as that she could actually re-tell the nativity story afterwards. 

There was no fear of clapping, loud noises or the need to make sure everyone else (including the technical staff) were doing their jobs right. There was no excessive fidgeting or lying down. And I knew this would be the case. It's not at all that I'm disappointed when I go to see the boys at their shows. Because they are both on the autistic spectrum, these events are more challenging.  

If you've read my other posts, you'll know that in some ways I'm more over joyed by the boys smaller achievements. Attending their events tend to come with different expectations, more weight and nerves. I guess I'm just lucky to be able to enjoy their achievements and glorious little Cinderella too.


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  1. It is nice to be able to experience these things without that underlying pang of anxiety. Happy Christmas and well done Jane x

  2. Well done your daughter, it's lovely that you can experience both NT and SN performances for your children. Nursery performances are lovely. Happy New Year and thanks for linking up #SSAmazingAchievements

  3. It must be so nice to be able to experience both NT and SN. This year was the first time I wasn't nervous about going to my son's Christmas show, he is at a SEN school so I knew all the parents were in the same place. We are yet to know what world our little lady takes us into x

    1. Our middle son is at a sen unit. They didn't spend time doing a play this year. Too much to deal with!

  4. Such a lovely post... bless her for improvising with Makaton! How cute is that?! Thanks so much for linking up with #savouringtheseason ... would love to see you there again today!x


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