Wednesday 8 January 2020

The lights at Kew with our autistic and neurotypical family

Jane walks through the Trees at Christmas at Kew

Last weekend saw the end of Christmas at Kew, an after dark winter walk around Kew Gardens full of magical light displays, music and the odd fair ground ride thrown in for good measure. We don't get out much during the holidays but took this special trip out as it appeals to our autistic kids sensory side so much.

This annual event run by Kew Gardens which includes some fantastic walk through attractions and sights.  There are beautiful pink trees, singing Holly Bushes and what can only be described as a musical cascade of light patterns hanging down from the Treetop Walkway that had us mesmerised.

As the event happens in the dark everything seems to still carry the magic of season, and there were some really dynamic and interesting displays.  A glowing fairy garden , a fire garden and several light tunnels which the kids loved running through or even getting a little lost in.   There's far too much to mention!

Our autistic boys enjoying the light tunnels

About two thirds the way around is the Victorian style fair ground.  It uses a token system and we bought enough for us all to go on the carousel and for David to have a trip around the Thomas train.

The spectacular end of the trail was at the Palm House Pond.  Dancing water and projections create a wonderful light show.  It seemed quite a few people came just for this.

Tickets for Christmas at Kew seem to sell out quickly.  We were extremely privileged to get an early evening preview thanks to the Skylarks Charity and Kew Gardens. It certainly turned out to be a lovely trip.

What did you do at the end of the break?


  1. This looks fantastic. We went to something similar at Westonbirt for their Enchanted Christmas, amazing seeing all the trees lit up. Thankfully we managed to get tickets to the SEN session so much easier. #SpectrumSunday

  2. This looks beautiful! We went to a somewhat similar event at Hever Castle before Christmas, and it was one of the best things of my life so far, really magical! Our son loved it too, as did hubby xx


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