Friday 29 November 2019

Stocking fillers for our autistic kids

Stocking fillers for our autistic kids including Totes Emosh game, Chocolate letters, Chewellry and seamless socks

I find buying things for my autistic kids quite challenging.  Anthony often has limited interests and is often very shy about expressing an opinion (in case it's wrong) and David... well David's communication is very limited.   We have to guess what they'd like, for birthday's, Christmas and in their stockings.  Fortunately - I've come up with some great ideas this year that will appeal to their sensory sides, provide them with fun and even some sneaky education.

Totes Emosh card game

Totes Emosh Card Game

Little games are great additions to stockings, but there's not many that my kids really get or can cope with.  Totes Emosh is a fun game based on Emoji's. It's a bit like charades for three or more players, but instead of guessing movies, books etc you guess Emoji's from a Key Card. If you guess it right you win the card, and the player with the most cards at the end wins.  It isn't difficult to play and has the amazing bonus of helping my autistic kids think about emotions and facial expressions, something they would traditionally struggle with.

The kids can practice different faces and we can talk about what we think the different emoji's represent. What does the crying emoji mean?  How is it different from the other emoji's with tears on the Key Card?

It's a fab easy game that'll be great for travelling with and is definitely worth adding to a stocking this year. It's available for £6.99 but you can get a 10% discount if you enter my code R2B2019.

Chocolate name 'David' from Morse Toad

Chocolate Names

We always have some form of chocolate in the kids stockings.  Not really much of an educational opportunity - unless of course it's for phonics? Morse Toad create personalised chocolate gifts.  Chocolate photos, cards and chocolate messages.  It looks a bit like chocolate scrabble pieces put together to make names, words, sentences etc. It means our kids can have some reading practice and some delicious chocolate in one go.

The easiest stocking filler is what they call a 'place name' which is seven chocolate letters and/or symbols (like hearts or stars).  We've got them with the kids names on them.  David is nearly eight but is still practising how to spell and say his name.  He can also look at his siblings one (before they re devoured and see about sounding the out too.  But you could write anything with up to seven letters that worked for your kids like 'Santa', 'Brother', 'Sister' or even just 'present'. Place names are £2.95 each or get five for £14.75.

Seamless socks designs including Snowman, Llama and Elmer


Good old Father Christmas likes to top up the kids wardrobe at this time of year.  We've recently found seamless socks which all the kids love.  SockShop's seamless socks are great for kids with sensory difficulties and we love the bamboo ones because they help the kids feel stay warm / cool when they need to and dry as it wicks away moisture. The socks are made with foot-kind, smooth hand linked toe seams so they aren't annoying for the kids. They do a full range of colours and a lovely Elmer Patchwork set for kiddies with smaller feet whilst our older kids can get a whole range of festive styles too. These socks are around £4.99 a pair.

Chewable pencil case


Christmas stockings are a great way of boosting the kids stationery.  Whether it's pens, pencils, easy to hold highlighters, erasers, sparkle glue sticks and fun shaped sticky notes (we particularly like the idea of thumbs up or hearts for highlighting good things that happen).  We use them all year and we can top them up with thanks to Father Christmas.

Whilst glitter glue is great for Jane, there's chance David might eat them!  A chewable pencil case and stationery are great for kids who chew on their rulers, etc.  Chewigem also do full length pencil toppers that go all the way down the pencil.  They can be chewed without the kids eating the pencil - no more bite marks!

Chewellry including dog tags, heart and bangle

Sensory Jewellery 

Chewigem design, adapt and create a range of chewing, fidget and sensory aids for children and adults. They have almost every type of chewer covered and one of their ranges includes 'Chewellry' or chewable jewellery. They have all sorts form lovely heart pendants and jewel necklaces to dog tags and bangles in a range of colours and toughness. Their necklaces are around £13.95 and bangles around start at £6.95.

We've also in the past had light up flashing crystal star necklaces. One squeeze turns on the necklace and another switches it off. It's spikey gel on the outside so it's lumpy but yet soft to touch.  If the kids prefer a squishy keyring or stress ball keychain works great too.

Have you got any ideas?

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  1. I love the socks, my husband reckons I have a hoarding problem with socks, lol

  2. The game looks like it will be lots of fun!

  3. The socks look great

  4. The chocolate names sound yummy and the chewy stationery is such a good idea! Thanks for linking up with #kcacols, hope you can join us again in the new year!

  5. Totes Emosh Card Game itself looks like a lot of fun!

  6. The Totes Emosh game is my favourite because it looks so much fun and easy enough for children of all ages to enjoy together

  7. I like the Morse Toad chocolate place names. My children would love them x

  8. I love the chocolate names. Would make a lovely present for my daughter.

  9. The Chocolate names look great. I think my eldest would also appreciate the sensort jewellery. #SpectrumSunday


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