Wednesday 1 August 2018

Holiday books - for the kids

Summer.  Are you lounging by the pool with a good book?  Are your kids?  No?  Well don't worry if they are. While I may be loving my copy of Talking Autism: Parenting Your Unique Child, many people read in the holidays to escape. And this can be the case for kids too.

Many autistic children have difficulty using their imagination. Anthony our eldest has come along way, and his imagination can now run circles around mine in the right circumstance. David on the other hand needs a lot of help. One of the ways he may access this is through books. He loves them, not a birthday goes by without more books. There is an enormous basket of them in his bedroom. 

Books are great because they can give you a starter for your imagination. You don't have to think or imagine everything, you are given most of what to imagine you just need to let it take shape. Kids books in particular are full of pictures and simple plots that make this easier. 

There is also security in imagining through books. The plot of the book, if it has one, is the same every time you read or look at it.  The pictures and pages are the same so as a reader you don't have to worry about the unexpected.   You can also get books in a series.  David particularly likes these, they again appeal to many an autistic persons desire for order and routine, but they also allow him to see different ideas in a familiar format.

One of the great advantages with taking the books on holiday is that they provide another area of security.  The books are something familiar in what is often an unfamiliar place.  They can be accessed when the wifi is down and sometimes I'm even allowed to join in with telling the stories. All in all, not a bad way for the kids to spend their time.

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What do books mean to your kids?

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  1. Books are brilliant aren't they. They can really transport you somewhere else for a little while. Anything where the turning or lifting of pop ups and flaps is required is always a big hit here. Especially for more factual books. Ahhh we love snail and the whale too. Thanks for joining us for the #dreamteam x


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