Tuesday 20 December 2016

Construction play with Airfix #Quickbuild (review)

Airfix QuickBuild Hawk and Lamborghini

Construction play can be great for so many areas of kids development.  From motor skills to communication, imagination and care.  Both our boys love models but don't have the skills, patience or understanding really to do most model kits.  So I was interested when given the opportunity to review some new kits from AirFix that require no glue, paint etc, just putting easy to put together models - introducing the AirFix Quick Build Lamborghini and Hawk.

Airbix QuickBuild Lamborghini pieces

Each kit came with:

-The box
- Bag full of pieces
- Pictorial instructions
- Sticker set

To see just how easy and quick these kits are to make, I took part in the Airfix Quick Build Challenge. After laying out the pieces and reviewing the instructions I put both these kits together in just over two minutes each.  The boys won't be able to do it this quickly but it shows that it's a quick job, the instructions are really clear and the pieces fit together easily.  All this is good news for my boys who struggle with instructions, motor skills and patience.

It was quite fun putting the kits together. The models are a good size (as you can see through my video of the #quickbuild time challenge) and once they are together they stay together pretty well.

Airfix QuickBuild Hawk

The Hawk model was particularly sturdy.  Not a single piece came off during play and it comes with a nice stand if you prefer it on display.  If you'd like to take them apart again then it's worth putting the stickers on the tail piece otherwise they will probably sit on a few pieces of the kit and need removing again. The only improvement could be if some of the hidden 'same' pieces in the middle of the aircraft were different colours, as this would make them easier to identify and place when making the model.  I thought it was a great model that the kids could enjoy.

Airfix Quick Build Lamborghini

The Lamborghini was a bit more delicate once together, The bumpers were a bit too easy to remove, but they were also easy to get back on so it wasn't really a problem.  I really liked the wheels and tyres which transform the model.  Again, it was mostly easy to put together and my kids (8 and 6 years respectively) only needed a little help with some of the more fiddly bits at the start.

Overall, I think these are a cool way of building key skills in my boys and a great introduction into models. Definitely worth a go if you think construction is your type of thing.

We were send the Airfix Quick Build Hawk and Lamborghini for purposes of review.  
All opinions are independent and my own. 

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  1. Construction toys are fab! I love how they also give them something to do during those times when you are super busy or everyone is trying to wind down and they are full of energy. Thank you for sharing with the #Dreamteam.

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