Thursday 1 September 2016

What would you ask of the school your SEND child attends?

Ever wanted to tell the school your #SEN child attends something but been too busy with the paperwork to do it?  Have a #SEND story of praise? What have you learned about what you want the school or LA to understand?

I'm speaking at a conference to SENCOs, SEN teams and teachers to tell them what, as a parent, I want from them.

Help me know what's important to you to - sum up in one word what you want most from the school of your SEND child. Please leave it in the comments below. I'm hoping for some consensus, so if you see another work you agree with - give it a reply to let me know! If you have problems adding you can contact me below or tweet me @rainbowsaretoo

If you are a professional interested in attending the conference you can email me at for details and a discount code.


  1. Transparency. Cuts both ways too. Can't have a functioning partnership without it: it lays the foundation for building trust and meaningful collaboration between home and school.

  2. Accommodations.

    When you have an autistic teen in a mainstream school, the school is usually organised in ways that work for NT teenagers, making it doubly hard for an autistic teen to cope.

  3. Communications! My son is non verbal and attends a school miles from home. Something more than 'can we have nappies please' would be good!

    1. I agree with communication (though, all the other answers are good, too). Even for SEND children who can hold a conversation it's so important for the school to communicate with the parents.

  4. Co-ordination between services like CAMHS, slt, OT etc

  5. Communication, co-operation, collaboration, flexibility, understanding, respect, kindness... All of them! 😊

  6. Partnership. I want a true partnership with any school that my kids attend. Parents and the school are both integral to a successful partnership and both sides need to openly listen to the other in order to achieve the best outcome for the student. No one side has all the answers - we need to work together and that is sometimes very hard to do.

  7. Honesty, inclusion, transparency and good communication. My son will often not be able to tell me what has happened at school so a diary is a good way to get around this #Spectrum Sunday

  8. Acceptance. For me there is a difference between Awareness and Acceptance. I think some mainstream teachers still struggle with the idea of having a child with additional needs in their class.

  9. Understanding and acceptance. Don't force my child to be someone he isn't. Communication - as they are both non-verbal we need to speak and write every day, stay in constant contact. Not knowing how or what they are doing is scary for a parent

  10. Collaboration.

    My son's chances of success are more likely if the school is able to collaborate with us to find the support that works best for him. #spectrumSunday


I read all your comments and appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me and our readers. I welcome any feedback on my posts and you can always contact me directly. Thank you.

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