Thursday 28 July 2016

Share your #madeupmilestones

We may not all travel the same path or at the same speed but we are all on a journey. Be proud and share your #madeupmilestones with me.   I was inspired by Toni who writes at Gym Bunny Mummy, and her emotional piece about her son missing milestones. Her story is a common one and one we have definitely experienced.

Toni's son is at a preschool graduation ceremony, except he's not there, he's running and spinning about in the preschool garden. It was our experience too and I'm sure that of many others. A typical moment taken for granted by many parents.  And Toni beautifully recognises that her son will get to his milestones in his own time and through his own way.

I can't remember when we started ignoring the official milestone chart or comparing our kids with additional needs to others. It's very liberating once you do. And then you truly appreciate the milestone chart you create with your own child or person you care for. The one without any pre-determined dates and the ones that are important priceless moments for you.

A milestone is 'an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development'. I encourage you to celebrate your #madeupmilestones, whatever they did, no matter at what age, make it their milestone because it is one to celebrate.

I don't have too look far. Here are Anthony's and David's #madeupmilestones from my blog, precious moments that may be nowhere near anyone else's chart, some may seem strange but they are all proud moments to us and those who care for them.
All these have happened in the last year (as I've only been blogging that long) when David turned five years old and Anthony turned eight years old.  If you don't know David has a diagnosis of ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and Hypermobility. Anthony also has the same diagnoses along with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Sensory Processing Disorder, Dyspraxia and Anxiety.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2016: I'm starting a blogging series for #madeupmilestones.  Please contact me if you'd like to take part in my guest post series to celebrate your #madeupmilestones.  I will still happily share any posts you have written as per below on social media too.

Please show your pride and share the #madeupmilestones for your kids or those you care for.  You can include ages if you like or not. They are after all your #madeupmilestones and it doesn't matter if it's for someone who is six months, six years or 66 years.  I'd love to hear about the moments important to you, to read about them and share them. 

It can be a simple comment below or a tweet to @rainbowsaretoo. You can mention me on a facebook status @rainbowsaretoobeautiful. Whether it's a blog post, a sentence or a photo, just contact me using #madeupmilestones so I can share and enjoy them with you. The more the merrier.

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  1. I remember Natty signing 'You happy me' at bedtime, her 1st I love you. And her 1st lie... something I wasn't sure we'd ever see! #madeupmilestones lovely idea x

  2. That's beautiful! Few will understand the bittersweet feeling I'm sure I'll have when the boys learn to lie! Thanks for sharing #madeupmilestones

  3. This is sweet, and extremely important. And fireworks. Man! Those things are beyond scary for young children. After 4 little boys, I was at a ped. well-check for my 3-year-old and they asked about our noises, and I was like, "Yes, loud noises terrify us, but he's not autistic, loud noises are SCARY." I have so much respect for autism parents. We've had our own unique problems, with ADD, but autism is even more so. Much respect here!

    1. I'd love to hear about any achievements or successes from you too. Thanks for the comments.

  4. I love this with all my heart! We got a formal diagnosis of autism this week. I am going to write out my own list this week - kisses will defo be on there!

  5. Truly inspiring. I don't have any first hand experience with autism but I have always been a strong believer in milestones being specific to an individual. We are all of us different and unique and that's something to be celebrated.
    Linking up from #AnythingGoes

  6. Love this! I think those are all great milestones and nothing could make a parent prouder.

  7. Such a lovely idea for a post. Thanks so much for sharing with the #bestandworst hope you will stop by again.

  8. What a lovely idea. Every milestone is a special one.
    I will definitely be giving this some shares once I get back off hols! Signal is terrible here xx #MMBC

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  10. I totally get this and its why I had to start Small Steps Amazing Achievements. I hated missing those milestones and I wanted to celebrate all the small ones that we took ages to get too. It's always good to celebrate together too

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

  11. I love the concept of sharing the #madeupmilestones - those milestones that are important to you as a family; the ones you are particularly proud of. Our children are all individuals and they don't all do things at the same time, but those little achievements are all well worth celebrating.

  12. These are lovely and I think we all have madeup milestones and things that may mean so much to us and so silly to others. I think yours are lovely xx

    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime

  13. This is such a fantastic idea! Milestones never seem like a good thing to me, the pressure there is on your child to hit them and hit them at certain times is just bonkers. The HV actually skipped out on our 2 year appointment and I was totally relieved, how can you measure a childs ability against another? And especially with children with disabilities, it's beautiful to create your own milestones and appreciate their personal journey. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  14. I think it's great to celebrate everyone's individuality and how they come to milestones at different times. #MarvMondays


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