Wednesday 18 May 2016

#WonderfulWednesday: Parenting an older child with autism.

This week's wonderful wednesday share is from Debbie Roberts and is called 'Parenting an older child with autism'.  It's about exactly that and an example of the difficulties that come with it.

So why is this my wonderful wednesday share?

I read a lot of stories about children with autism.  Possibly because I myself have younger children on the spectrum I have found many posts about parenting children of a similar age.  I've also read many posts about individuals who were disgnosed as adults.  This post that highlights some of the experiences within the teenage year age group.  I have worried about the future before and we touched on that a bit when I shared 'Will he live on his own?' a little while ago.  The difficulties don't necessarily disappear as children grow up.  Sharing this truth is important and this post does it in a wonderful way.

Like our son, Debbie's son has a great memory, which is good as Debbie says hers is terrible.  This honest post gives me a glimpse into just a few things this mum has had to think about with her son. If you haven't read it yet, go over and have a look.

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Our blog - Autism and the mysteries of memories

Debs Random Writings - Homepage

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  1. I believe that parenting can be so hard, but at the same time is will also make you feel happy and proud.


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