Friday 20 May 2016

Favourite Friday: PDA Awareness Day

I'm delighted that the most popular post last week was one shared via Life with ASD and the Rest, and is called 'PDA Awareness Day'.  No prizes for guessing what the post is about!

PDA is a little known and often unrecognised part of the autism spectrum.  It is characterised by the need to resist everyday demands due to an underlying anxiety of not being in control. While we all may feel like we don't want to do things because we feel stressed or anxious, PDA takes this to a whole other level. Children with autism are often thought of as being unimaginative but a child with PDA can be extremely imaginative when it comes to getting out of things as a way of coping with how they feel.  Read the rest here

On Fridays Rainbowsaretoobeautiful publishes the most popular post from the previous week for 'Favourite Friday', just in case you missed it.  See all the Favourite Fridays posts here.

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