Wednesday 6 April 2016

#WonderfulWednesday: Will he live on his own?

This week's wonderful Wednesday share is from Carrie Cariello and is called 'Will he live on his own?'

It's an honest and beautifully written post about a question that many parents of autistic kids probably think about. Our eldest son, Anthony, can tell you the names of all the villains in every single episode of every type of power ranger there is, but at nearly eight years old he can't brush his teeth unless there is toothpaste already on the brush for him. And our middle child, David, can play different games simultaneously on two iPads, but he doesn't talk. I'm constantly weighing up academics and life skills and quickly convincing myself that the later is going to be of greater focus as they grow up.

Every parent wonders or worries about their kids future.  And parents of autistic kids are just the same I guess. It's maybe just different to be worrying about such things when my kids are still in primary school.  Perhaps it's because some things, like when I discussed my fear that our son would have to go to a residential setting miles away in a written plea to our Health Minister, could happen much earlier than just when the kids go off on their own. 

Either way, the concerns are there, for their future and mine. And this is picked up on wonderfully by Carrie. If you have the chance, go and visit her post.

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Carrie Cariello - Will he live on his own?


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  1. This was such a fascinating read and something I have always wondered. Thanks so much for linking up to #coolmumclub with this lovely x


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