Friday 22 April 2016

Favourite Friday: Turning fears into fancies

Like many people with autism, Anthony has long been scared of fireworks. It's common for many kids including our neuro-typical daughter to be scared of the loud blasts and bangs that accompany the beautiful lights on the night sky. Some children with autism are sensitive to sounds, you may see them covering their ears when you vacuum or near busy roads. But our house is loud all the time and both our boys are very visually stimulated so we thought fireworks might be something they could enjoy.

Anthony is one of the 75% of people with autism who is verbal. This means that, unlike his brother, he can try to say when something is upsetting him. Enabling him to describe how he is feeling is part of the our job as autism parents and we do our best to calm Anthony's anxieties and help him understand and communicate how he is feeling. Anthony has in the past been able to tell us that it's the sudden bangs, effectively the unpredictability of the loud noises, that scared him.

It's been a busy few weeks for the family and Anthony in particular has discovered new things about himself.

Firstly, he has discovered he has autism and ADHD.   Secondly, he has discovered that he doesn't fear fireworks anymore, he absolutely loves them!

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  1. It is great that he has found away to enjoy fireworks. I absolutely hate the sound it hurts my ears. But I will watch them for my boys because of the guilt and guilt for them. definately one of them autisitic people.who is very sensitive to sound. X #spectrumSunday

    1. Every autistic person is different that's for sure. Our kids are only sensitive to some sounds.. Makes no sense to me, but perfect aense to them. Thanks for stopping by.


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