Friday 29 April 2016

Favourite Friday: Should I tell off another mum?

So, Anthony's a bit of a stickler for rules. Rules are great if you have autism; they set boundaries, they prepare you for what's expected, in a funny sort of way they make you feel safe.  This means it's easy to feel nervous, upset or unsafe when the rules are broken by other people.  One of the things said a lot in our home is "Who's job is it to say what happens when a rule in broken?"  because Anthony will storm around ordering siblings, parents, grandparents and visitors to 'go to their room' or 'sit on the stairs'.

But what's really confusing is when other adults ignore the rules for their kids.

Our school has a rule that you can't ride your scooter inside the school grounds.  Drop-off and pick-up time is chaos and there have been several scooter related injuries both in and outside school grounds that mean the school set a rule.... but it's effectively down for parents to enforce.

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