Wednesday 23 March 2016

#WonderfulWednesday: The A Word

Usually my Wonderful Wednesday share is something I've seen or read that has touched me. This week I'm breaking this tradition to share something I've not seen yet.

Last night was the first episode of 'The A Word' on BBC1. I've seen lots of positive comments on social media but as I was working last night, I haven't had the chance to see it myself. Of course not all the positive comments are about positive feelings. For some it has brought back feelings of loss and others have found they relate well to the all too familiar sad situations it portrays. 

So if I haven't seen it, why am I sharing it? 

It's a BBC1 drama and its sharing an experience of autism. I've always said that if you know one person with autism then you know just one person with autism. Everyone is different and so is everyone with autism. My son's are hugely different to each other and to those we know who have also been diagnosed with ASD. I was never expecting The A Word to 'get it all right'. But it is spreading autism awareness to a mass audience and shows what it could be like. And that's worth promoting. 

If you've seen it, let me know your thoughts. If not, catch up with me via iPlayer. 

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  1. Hi, dad to a son on the spectrum here. Although I watched the first episode, I wont watch the other episodes just yet as I find them too upsetting. The biggest hope I have is that friends and family watch them so they can understand a little bit of what we go through as parents on a daily basis. I had two positive experiences today, from other parents, and like to think that maybe they saw the programme and in turn did this acts of kindness. Well done to the BBC for being brave and showing a very real interpretation of someone on the spectrum. You would never see this type of programme on the commercial networks

  2. Exactly as Nick said I think! It was very true to life about how things go before and after diagnosis, and I'm sure following episodes will pick up on more issues surrounding diagnosis. So it was good, but not exactly an easy watch. Great work from the BBC and all the actors I think!


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