Thursday 7 January 2016

Inset with David

There are positive and negative points to having all your kids in different schools. Not being able to hand down uniform would be a negative if any of it lasted that long. The commuting between schools is probably the most obvious.

What about having different inset days? Anthony and Jane both started back at school on Monday this week, but David had two inset days and only went back on Wednesday.  A pain if you are planning holidays but I found it a real bonus to spent some real playtime with our middle child. 

After the two drop offs, David, who is four, and I went to a nearby play gym that we haven't been to for years. We basically haven't been since David was 18 months when his brother started school and I didn't think he would remember it. Some kids with autism get very anxious about going to new places. Often though, David gets quite excited about going on a day out. This has improved since he started school. He mostly needs the support when he is in his new environment on how to behave appropriately (see 'Caution at the aquarium').

Generally at home David either has both socks and shoes on bare feet. We've been working on helping him to understand that in some places he just wears socks. He made no fuss at all as I explained 'shoes off, socks on'. 

He and I scaled the cargo nets, squeezed down the twisty slides and had an absolute ball in the ball pit. He giggled so much the balls shook around him while he played hiding. He wasn't at all phased by the other kids, some of whom were quite bigger than him, and with a bit of help was able to wait his turn appropriately. 

When it was time to go he did well. Grumbled a little bit but was quickly won over by being able to play with my phone and have a biscuit while I put his shoes and coat on. 

Jane is two years old and only in nursery on a Monday and Wednesday morning. David and I had such a good time on Monday and that we took his sister with us again on Tuesday. And after a fun hour I reminded myself just like I did in 'Why sharing gingerbread is amazing' that although David isn't talking much more than when he started in September his skills have improved immensely. And I must continue to give him the opportunity to use them. 

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  1. Being able to have that one on one time is special I agree. I have Friday afternoons with my little man and I love it. It is good for us to step back sometimes and really see just how far we have come.

  2. I love you had this time together. This is why I do like to take Ethan out and about. As much as it needs lots of planning, and could result in a meltdown, the fact that we are normally presently surprised makes it all worth while. It really does sound like you had a great time.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

  3. I love this! David sounds very similar to Hayden. He loves days out, and there are only certain activities that really send him into overdrive. I really wish I had time for more one on one time with him! Thank you for linking up to #spectrumsunday lovely. Really hope you join me again this week xx


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