Wednesday 23 December 2015

Bauble babbles:Reading our conversation social story

Our Baubley babbles are my notes on helping my family communicate over Christmas.

Today is about using a social story to help with communication. Social stories work really well for some autistic children, and I think could help a neuro-typical child with a particular behaviour. Anthony has a social story that's about have conversations and in particular speaking in full sentences. 

Social stories are short stories model appropriate social interaction. They are describing a situation with its social cues, other's perspectives, and what an appropriate response would be. It can be used to help correct an inappropriate behaviour but is often used to praise appropriate behaviours too. Reading through the story again at times when you think you might need to reminding about the is an easy trick.  With so much going on at Christmas, a quick read of Anthony's social story at the beginning or end of the day gives him a better chance of achieving it's goal over the festive holidays.

Tomorrow - more tips to help my kids talk at Christmas
Yesterday - Introduce and use appropriate (festive) vocabulary

National Autistic Society - How to write social stories

Notes: Thanks for reading Baubley babbles, my notes on helping my family talk over Christmas. My sons are both on the autistic spectrum and we have a two year old daughter. Our son, David is five years old and uses a variety of Augmented and Alternative Communication (AAC) to talk. Every school day till school restarts I'll post a one thing I'll be keeping in mind to help us all communicate over the festive holidays. Maybe some things will be of interest to you too.

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