Wednesday 4 November 2020

String and paint fireworks sensory activity

Usually we would spend  a lot of time in our house looking out the bedroom windows over fireworks weekend. Fireworks used to be a real worry for us but slowly, the boys have come to delight in the sparkles in the sky.  We prepare for them coming but this year the big displays might not be happening at all.  So we don't miss out, we have fun in other ways and this string and paint sensory craft is a fun way to remember about them.

The kids have loved this easy firework stencil painting activity  and last year they also did paint sponge splats so we're trying more paint this time.

To make your own string and paint fireworks effect picture like above you will need:

  • Paint - various colours like fireworks and we've used paint with a sheen to be more effective. You can use fluorescent paint, metallic paint or our favourite pearlised paint.  Alternatively just add some glitter to regular kids paint.
  • Black or dark paper works great but it's fun on whatever colour you have
  • String cut into various lengths - one for each colour
  • Bowls for your paints (and string)
Then it's simple, aprons on and sleeves up!

Add a coloured paint to each bowl and add a few drops of water, just to help it 'splat'.  Then drop in your string until it's coated in the paint.  If you are not in the habit of getting painty fingers then tie a know in one end and use this as a handle.  Then get your kiddie to flop the string onto the page and make some fireworks patterns.  

If it's all about mess in your place then why not have some fun (outside probably) throwing paint coloured string down onto or at your page. Careful - things can get messy!

For either way, put the bowls of paint around the table or outside to get the kids using their motor skills. Once a bit dry you can finish off with extra glue and glitter or metallic marker pens

What ideas would you try out with a fireworks theme?

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