Tuesday 22 May 2018

CherishedCharity: Make a Wish via @motherhoodreal

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This week I'm continuing my latest blogging series called Cherished Charities. I was at a local Mayor's event when someone from another charity said, "No one has really heard of us unless they need us, it's so hard to raise funds."  So I thought I'd create a small opportunity for people to share the charities important to them here.  This month it's from Talya who writes at Motherhood: The Real Deal

Thanks so much to Talya for taking part:

1. Tell us a bit about you

I’m a former Editor in Chief turned full time parenting blogger, living in Greater London with our four year old daughter.

2. What is the Cherished Charity you'd like to tell me about today?

Make A Wish - an incredible charity which grants wishes to seriously ill children.

3. What does the Charity do? 

What does the charity do? Make-A-Wish grants amazing wishes to children with life threatening conditions.

When a child is fighting a life-threatening condition, their future is uncertain. Their whole family’s world is turned upside down. The wishes are so important because once their most cherished wish is granted, a child will see that anything is possible. It gives them and their family the emotional strength they desperately need to fight their condition and hope to face their future – whatever it might hold.

A couple of examples of wishes:

Ethan had a wish was to be an American Police Officer for the day and ride a cop car. Aged 6, he is living with non-correctable and palliated congenital heart defects. The condition can require surgery and the symptoms include rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating and extreme tiredness. Ethan is often breathless and he is unable to walk long distances.

Something that must be so incredibly tough to live with as a six year old. On the day of his wish, Ethan and his family traveled to Leeds and on the following morning were picked up in a Limo to take them to the West Yorkshire Police Training Facility at Carr Gate. The Limo was also in convoy with two American Police cars. How amazing is that?

Five year-old Finn, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and is currently undergoing treatment and will continue treatment until 2019. His One True Wish was to go to Lapland, as both Finn and his brother Archie love all things Christmassy! He went and of course you can imagine how incredible that was for him.

4. Why they are one of your cherished charities?

So many of the children that Make A Wish grant wishes for are for children around my daughter's age...I just feel like this could happen to anyone - any parent, any child, and any family - and so therefore the charity just is so relatable for me.

I always have the feeling that life can take such a dramatic turn so quickly, and that whatever we can do to help those whose lives have changed so dramatically because of life threatening conditions like this just need to be given this little glimmer of hope to help them on their journey. Seeing children in pain or suffering is probably one of the most heart wrenching things you can witness as a mum, and that's really why I choose to support Make A Wish.

Thank you again to Talya for sharing her thoughts with us as part of my latest Cherished Charities post series.  If you'd like to highlight a charity as your Cherished Charity - please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you. 
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If you'd like to find out more visit at Motherhood: The Real Deal and follow on facebook and twitter

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