Friday 16 February 2018

Kids Dragon's Fire Breath craft activity for ChineseNewYear

Jane holds her dragon breath cup and plays at being a Chinese dragon

Jane did this great activity making her own 'dragon fire breadth' for Chinese New Year. This is a super motor skills development activity for kids at any stage looking develop them.  It works on fine and bilateral motor skills with drawing, gluing and sticking.  Then kids use their imagination to be dragons.

To make your own Chinese Dragon Fire Breath, you will need:
  • Coloured or plain paper cup with the bottom cut off - choose a plain one and colour it yourself with felt tips if you like some extra pen control practice
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Strips of crepe paper in fiery colours like yellow, orange and red
Assembling the fire breath is really easy and fun.  Use some safety or Easigrip scissors to cut the crepe paper strips into approximate four and six inch strips and sort them into bowls for sticking.

Then use these cut strips of crepe paper to make the dragon's flames.  Stick some glue onto the end of each of the crepe paper strips and stick them to the inside of the small open end of the cup.  Do this all the way around.

Making a dragon's flame breath cup

Put the bowls of crepe paper strips around the table to encourage your kiddie to cross their midline while picking them up - crossing his mid-line was one of the things my eldest autistic son really struggled with. The kids will also need to use both hands together (bilateral motor skills) to hold and glue the paper.

Once the flames are stuck it's just a case of decorating your dragon's nose/mouth (the paper cup).  Dragon teeth can be created with simple zigzags / stripes and holes for the dragon's nostrils.   Or Chinese New Year animal symbols can be copied for those with greater fine motor skills.  If in doubt just colour the cup in your favourite or bright flame colours!

Done!  Now to breath fire like a dragon, just hold up the big open end of the cup to your mouth and blow through, making the flames fly around.

Today Jane spent a good deal of time with this craft ‘breathing fire’ like a dragon. Her eldest brother and Dad were out today so it was just me and David to play with. David doesn’t often ‘play’ with much. He’s currently playing with two iPads. He’s learned some play routines but doesn’t really have an imaginative play. It’s very common for kids like David who are autistic.

But while Jane ran around being a dragon, David noticed and it turned into a game a dragon chase. David didn’t quite understand Jane’s tag via fire breath but he and his sister played. And that’s a pretty good start for another New Year,  lots of fun - and educational too!

Why not try our Chinese Lanterns craft?  Ever wondered if learning another language is a good idea for kids with communication difficulties - me too!

What things are you making this weekend?

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