Thursday 20 July 2017

Medal craft activity for the World @ParaAthletics Championship

Jane and Advid running - Medal Craft activity for the Para Athletics

Helping kids understand or engage with sports events can sometimes be a challenge whether they have autism or not.  As the World Para Athletics Championships are in full swing, why not engage them with a fun medals activity.  This craft activity we did at Me Too & Co has some great ways for developing motor skills and can celebrate your own achievements or games.

Where as our eldest with autism can easily recite the winners of the Formula 1 Grand Prix this season (and quite a few other seasons to be honest), athletics and para athletics often requires a lot of explanation.  Different events, categories, distances etc etc.  The one consistent thing is medals.  Everyone tries their best and someone always gets a medal. So have fun and make your own and then decide what you will win them all for.

This is a great way to look at what the different para athletes do and learn about their sport, them on and off the track, and develop an understanding and appreciate for people who are different from ourselves.  We've been watching this week and Jane noticed that some people on the track 'don't have both feet' and she thought about what it would be like saying she might have to hop everywhere. We were able to talk about what she saw, adaptions and watch these brilliant athletes race.

Medal craft activity

We used:
  • Tin foil and/or ribbon
  • Card discs (2)
  • Glue stick
  • Decorations for your medal - such as pens, feathers, foils, felt shapes, bits of wrapping paper, pens and cotton wool
Although you can use a more traditional ribbon for your medal, rolling a length of tin foil to make the 'ribbon' part is really good for pinching practice and bilateral motor skills (using both hands together). Just make sure you are careful as this can be sharp.  Glue the card discs to 'sandwich' the middle of the foil band or ribbon  - this is another task that uses bilateral motor skills as your kids will use one hand to hold the card and the other to glue.

Now you have your basic medal, you can decorate it how you like.  Remember by placing the materials around the table you will also encourage your child to stretch across their midline. Once it's finished simply squash the end of the foil together to make it into a loop. This will easily come apart if needed for safety.   Make sure you use a loose slip knot if you have ribbon. You may wish to try your writing skills and add a No.1 if there is still space! Once it's completed you can make up events to play out or simply wear with pride! What will yours look like?

Medal craft activity finished

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  1. This is a lovely idea, my kids would have lots of fun with this, too! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. These are so sweet and I bet the kids would love to win them after a mini Olympics in the garden. Great #littlemakes

  3. I love these medals and they sound so simple to make. Hope your children had fun making them :-) #WotW

  4. Great idea! Perfect for a child cantered sport's day! Love them! #littlemakes


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